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Early Professional Interdisciplinary Conference

Posted on 24/01/2013

April 8-10, 2013

Call For Papers
Open to postgraduate students and university lecturers within the first 5 years of their appointment.

This year’s theme is Meaning and logos, and will be held at the University of Liverpool.  Papers of a high academic quality pertaining to the theme are being solicited. Each presentation will be followed by a discussion period, and each group of presentations will be followed by a round-table discussion.  English language presentations ensure maximum cohesion and comprehension.

The word λόγος had many meanings in Ancient Greek: word, opinion, expectation, speech, principle, rhetorical argument, reason, and even meaning.  Investigating how the meaning of a word links ideas and affects pedagogical issues began with Herakleitos and continues today.   Logos is also the root of our suffix –logy, which is used to describe many of the fields in the Humanities and Social Sciences. As such, it is an appropriate link between the many branches of investigation and scholarship.

Suggested interpretations of the theme: sources of cross-cultural misunderstanding; making medieval studies meaningful to modern scholars; epistemological bases of archaeological theory; differences in the expression of postmodernism in literature and the fine arts; the contribution of ecology to teaching philosophy; victory and the creation of the historical record; double entendres in sentimentalist poetry; what new theatrical genres meant for their contemporaries; how avant-garde became modernism; the triple negative in Homeric Greek; the meanings of colour in Nuba society; variations in the reaction times of non-native speakers; an aesthetic criticism without words; or how modern women recreate ancient men. Submissions dealing with interdisciplinary theory and teaching will also be considered.

The conference is designed for early professionals in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences with two-fold goals:

·         First, the facilitation of professional development through interdepartmental idea exchange and collaboration.

·         Second, the application of annual themes to better our understanding of teaching and learning within and between disciplines. 

Abstracts should be submitted to Erica.Hughes@Liverpool.ac.uk or  EPIC2013@Liverpool.ac.uk no later than February 8, 2013.  



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