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Changes that can affect your research degree


If you are a postgraduate research student who started after 2006, the Academic Regulations state that:

  • you cannot submit your thesis less than 2 years (full-time) / 4 years (part-time) after your start date
  • you must submit your thesis within the following timelines


PhD student

MPhil student


4 years
(3 years + 1 writing up year)

3 years
(2 years + 1 writing up year)


8 years
(6 years + 2 writing up years)

6 years
(4 years + 2 writing up years)

Your thesis submission deadline is calculated from the start date on your student record.  If you are unsure what your deadline is, please contact for clarification.

The following will affect your thesis submission deadline:

Extension to writing up period


Withdrawal from study


Change of start date


Interruption of study


Change of mode of study