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Research Interests 

Hawley: Rhetoric in literature, epideictic oratory (Gorgias, Isocrates, Dio Chrysostom, Second Sophistic, Libanius, Themistius) 

Kremmydas: Attic Oratory, History of Rhetoric, Reception of Greek Oratory, Greek Law, Classical Greek History

Powell: Roman Oratory

Rubinstein: Attic Oratory (at present mainly Isokrates' forensic speeches 16-21) Hellenistic Oratory as represented in contemporary epigraphical material, Representations of oratory in classical Greek and Hellenistic historiography, Cicero's speeches and the Attic Orators, Athenian Law, Laws and legal systems in the Greek world outside Athens (-ca. 150 BC),

Sanders: Ancient Greek emotions, Attic oratory, Athenian political and social history


Recent Publications 

All publications published by members of COR are available through this link)


(with L. Rubinstein and J.G.F. Powell), Profession and Performance: Aspects of Oratory in the Greco-Roman World, Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies Supplement 123, London 2013.  

(with K. Tempest, eds.), Continuity and Change: Oratory in the Hellenistic Period, Oxford University Press 2013.

Commentary on Demosthenes Against Leptines, Oxford University Press 2012.

"Greek Rhetoric", in Blackwell Encyclopedia of Ancient History, Oxford-Blackwell 2012.

"Logical Argumentation in Demosthenes Against Leptines", in J. Powell (ed.) Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies Supplement vol. 96 (2007), 30-52.

"P. Berl. 9781: The early reception of Demosthenes 20", Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies, vol. 50 (2007), 19-48.


Litigation and Co-operation. The use of supporting speakers in the Athenian courts. Historia Einzelschriften 147. Stuttgart 2000

"Oratory" in G. Boys-Stones, B. Graziosi and P. Vasounia [eds] The Oxford Handbook of Hellenic Studies, Oxford University Press 2009, 505-517

"Arguments from Precedent in the Attic Orators" in E.M. Carawan [ed] Oxford Readings in the Attic Orators, Oxford Univ. Press 2007, 359-371

"Differentiated rhetorical strategies in the Athenian courts" in M. Gagarin and D. Cohen [eds.], The Cambridge Companion to Greek Law, Cambridge Univ. Press 2005, 129-145

"Main Litigants and Witnesses in the Athenian Courts: Procedural Variations" in M. Gagarin and R.W. Wallace [eds] Symposion 2001, Vienna: Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften 2005, 99-120.

"Stirring up Dicastic Anger" in D. Cairns [ed], Athenian Law and Life. The Classical Press of Wales 2004, 187-203

"Synegoroi: their place in our reconstruction of the Athenian legal process" in G. Thür and F. J. Fernandéz Nieto [eds] Symposion 1999, Böhlau, Cologne 2003, 193-207

"Legal Argumentation in Hypereides Against Timandros" BICS 52 (2009), 149-159

"Forgive and forget? Amnesty in the Hellenistic period" in K. Harter-Uibopuu and F. Mitthof [eds] Vergeben und Vergessen to be published by Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Vienna (forthcoming)


"Pathos phaulon: Aristotle and the rhetoric of phthonos', in KAKOS: Badness and Anti-Value in Classical Antiquity , Sluiter, I. & Rosen, R. M. (eds.). Leiden : Brill 2008, 255-81.

'"He is a liar, a bounder and a cad": the arousal of hostile emotions in Attic forensic oratory', in Chaniotis, A. (ed.), Unveiling Emotions: Sources and Methods for the Study of Emotions in the Greek World, Stuttgart : Steiner Verlag 2012 (forthcoming).


Prospective Students


  • MRes in Rhetoric 
  • PhD: please contact a COR member whose research interests match your own. It would be helpful to also send them a description of your proposed research. For further details about the PhD application procedure, visit the relevant College pages



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