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Emotions and Persuasion Conference Programme


Emotion and persuasion in classical antiquity


Organisers: Ed Sanders (RHUL) and Matthew Johncock (RHUL)

Thursday 27th June

10:00     Welcome (Ed Sanders)

Session 1: Classical Greek oratory (Chair: Lene Rubenstein)

10:05     Chris Carey (UCL): Bashing the establishment: Corruption, degeneration and emotion

10:45     Brenda Griffith-Williams (UCL): Rational and emotional persuasion in Athenian inheritance cases

11:25     Ed Sanders (RHUL): Persuasion through emotions in Athenian deliberative oratory

12:05     Maria Fragoulaki (Birkbeck): Emotion, persuasion and kinship in Thucydides: The Plataian debate (3.52-68) and the Melian dialogue (5.85-113)

12:45     Lunch

Session 2: Philosophy (Chair: Anne Sheppard)

13:45     Harry Lesser (Manchester): Can a decent person be an orator? Plato and the teachers of rhetoric

14:25     Lucy Jackson (Oxford): The role of kinaesthetic empathy and the chorus in Plato’s Laws

15:05     Daniel King (Exeter): Emotion and the representation of animal suffering in Plutarch and Galen

15:45     Tea

Session 3: Leadership (Chair: Christos Kremmydas)

16:30     Jenny Winter (RHUL): Instruction and example: Emotions in Xenophon’s Cavalry Commander and Anabasis

17:10     Melina Tamiolaki (Crete): Leadership and the art of persuasion: Emotional strategies in Xenophon’s Cyropaedia

17:50     Jayne Knight (UBC): Anger as a mechanism for social control in imperial Rome

18:30     Wine and conference dinner


Friday 28th June

Session 4: Letters (Chair: Matthew Johncock)

09:00     Eleanor Dickey (Exeter): Emotional language and formulae of persuasion in papyrus letters

09:40     Guy Westwood (Oxford): Nostalgia, politics and persuasion in Demosthenes’ Letters

10:20     Gabriel Evangelou (Edinburgh): Words and deeds: The question of Cicero’s sincerity in his letters from exile

11:00     Coffee

Session 5: Inscribed petitions (Chair: Ed Sanders)

11:30     Angelos Chaniotis (IAS): Creating emotional community through texts

12:10     Irene Salvo (Pisa): Persuading mortals and immortals: Love in Greek curses

12:50     Lunch

Session 6: Latin literary persuasion (Chair: Jonathan Powell)

13:30     Federica Iurescia (Siena): Strategies of persuasion in provoked quarrels in Plautus: A pragmatic perspective

14:10     Kate Hammond (Kingston): ‘It ain’t necessarily so’: Reinterpreting some poems of Catullus from a discursive psychological point of view

14:50     Matthew Johncock (RHUL): ‘He was moved, but... ’: Failed appeals to emotions in Ovid’s Metamorphoses

15:30     Tea

Session 7: Roman political oratory (Chair: Kathryn Tempest)

16:00     Catherine Steel (Glasgow): Emotional persuasion and rational emotion in late Republican oratory

16:40     Alexandra Eckert (Halle-Wittenberg): Emotions, persuasion and cultural trauma

17:20     Judith Hagen (Bayreuth): Emotions in Roman historiography

18:00     End


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