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Conference Programme

Thursday 25 April

Registration and Coffee: 9:00-10:00

Panel 1 (10:00- 13:00) - GREECE: Speechwriting and the Athenian Law Courts

1) Michael Gagarin (Texas), “Logography and the Development of Athenian Forensic Argument”

2) Chris Carey (UCL), “Ethics in the Second Oldest Profession: Thoughts on Lysias’ logography”

3) Mike Edwards (Trinity St David, Lampeter), “Logographer and client in the speeches of Isaeus"

4) Eleni Volonaki (Kalamata), “Lykourgos as speechwriter and politician”

Panel 2 (14:00-17:00) – GREECE: Speechwriting for the Assembly?

1) Niall Livingstone (Birmingham), “Alcidamas on Improvisation: Theorising Political Authority in a Democracy”

2) Christos Kremmydas (RHUL), “Political Speechwriting in Classical Athens?”

3) Lene Rubinstein (RHUL), “Stage-managing symbouleutic speeches”

4)  Alessandro Vatri (Oxford), “Speeches for hearers, speeches for readers: Attic oratory and the linguistics of performance”



Friday 26 April

Panel 3 (10:00-12:00) - ROME

1) Catherine Steel (Glasgow), "Orators, speechwriters and other editorial aids in the late Republic”

2) Gesine Manuwald (UCL), “Cicero as a writer of speeches”

3) Jacqueline Klooster (Ghent), “The Speeches of the Roman emperors in Suetonius’ Lives of the twelve Caesars” 

Panel 4 (12:15-13:30) – BYZANTIUM

1) Ida Toth (Oxford), “Η πάνδημος καὶ παγκόσμιος φωνή: the encomistic oratory of the late Byzantine court”

 2) Tassos Tyflopoulos (KCL), “Take My Word for It: Speechwriting, Authenticity and the Emperor Constantine I” 

Panel 5: (14:30 - 17:30) – MODERN SPEECHWRITING

1) Richard Toye (Exeter), “Churchill and his Speechwriters”

2) Tom Clarke (Victoria University, Melbourne), “The speech, the speaker, his script, and its writer: Paul Keating, Don Watson, and the ‘Redfern Park Speech”

3) Andrew Tolson (De Montfort), “Interactive strategies in televised political speech”

4) Simon Lancaster, "Creating Authenticity: the modern speechwriter's perspective" 





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