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Joint honours

Computer scientists are in high demand for a number of roles that benefit from an interdisciplinary background.  This why we offer the following joint or major honours degrees:

  • Computer Science with Management is offered with the School of Management.  This programme has Computer Science as a major subject (75%). It provides an understanding of the nature of management in a variety of organisations and functions, together with an appreciation of the ways in which information technology can assist management in operations and strategic decision-making.

  • Computer Science and Mathematics is offered jointly (50%) with the Department of Mathematics.  This degree reflects the way modern mathematics has been profoundly affected by computers and the fact that many of the most exciting and practical new mathematical ideas rely on the use of computer technology. Students who take this joint degree find that each subject enriches the other, and studying both subjects opens up a very wide range of career opportunities.

  • Digital Media Communications is offered jointly with the Department of Media Arts.  We offer a BA (25% Computer Science) as well as a BSc (50% Computer Science). This degree will equip you with the multiplatform media skills you’ll need to play a part in the digital communication industries of the future. There are excellent career prospects in the creative media industries, which have seen employment double compared to that in the rest of the UK economy. You will have the chance to learn from world-class experts and practising professionals to express yourself in text, sound and image, to work with data, and make it work for you.

In the first year, you take Object-Oriented Programming, Computing Lab (Games), Internet Services, Databases, Mathematical Structures, and either Management and the Modern Corporation or Accounting for Management.

In the second year, you take Software Engineering, Team Project, Algorithms and Complexity 1, and you choose three further CS level-2 courses (half-units) and one Management level-2 course (one unit).

In the final year, you take a CS project (one unit or half unit) and you choose four or five CS level-3 courses (depending on whether your project is one unit or half unit) and either a one-unit or two half-unit level-3 courses in Management.

For more information on the course units available in Computer Science, visit our single honours page, and for those in Management, visit this webpage

In the first year , you take Object-Oriented Programming, Calculus, Functions of Several Variables, Number Systems, and Matrix Algebra.  You also choose either Internet Services and Databases, or Mathematical Structures and Machine Fundamentals.

In the second year , you take Software Engineering, Team Project, Graphs and Optimisation, and Linear Algebra.  You also choose two further CS level-2 courses and two Mathematics level-2 courses.

In the final year , you take a CS project (one unit or half unit) and you choose two or three CS level-3 courses (depending on whether your project is one unit or half unit) and four Mathematics level-3 courses.

For more information on the course units available in Computer Science, visit our here, and for those in Mathematics, visit this webpage.

This degree will offer you a great balance between practical industry knowledge and innovative thinking, the opportunity to use your unique combination of media and programming skills to develop your own projects and build a professional portfolio, and an emphasis on project-based learning and regular industry involvement, meaning that you’ll have the chance to push social media to the limit on live, real-world projects.

* Available options may vary from year to year, and some modules are available only to students on specific degree programmes

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