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Cool Computing Competition rules


The contest is open to undergraduates in the Department of Computer Science at Royal Holloway, who can enter either as individuals or as groups. Entrants must be studying in the department when the contest takes place.

 Contestants must supply a demonstration that runs on some kind of programmable device, e.g. personal computer, departmental Linux server,  Lego robot or mobile phone.


Your documentation must include:

  1. Hardware requirements
  2. Software requirements: operating system, compilers etc
  3. Setup instructions: how the demonstrator prepares for the demo
  4. Demonstration instructions: runtime instructions for the demonstrator
  5. Runtime commentary: this section will be read out aloud and is an opportunity to wow your audience. Explain what the demo does and how your experience at Royal Holloway inspired you to design it.
  6. Acknowledgements and licences: list any software which is not your own work and indicate what licence covers it (e.g. GPL)


Your software and documentation should be bundled up as a ZIP file or compressed tar file and e-mailed to systems

 The deadline for submissions is 2.30pm on Friday 30th January, 2015.



Initial assessment will be performed by Computer Science staff. The best submissions will be presented at an open day and judged by prospective students. Marks will be awarded for

  1. impact and coolness
  2. academic relevance
  3. whether the demo can easily be set up without the aid of the designer



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