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Help for Undergraduates using CompSci Computers


Getting Help from the Support Team

Computer Science has its own dedicated IT staff to support departmental computer facilities. We cannot help with coursework questions (make an appointment to see the course lecturer or go to the appropriate lab session) but we can assist with Unix and general system problems.

Getting Help in Person

During term-time we hold a regular weekday surgery. Type news advice for current schedule. One of us will be there: this is your opportunity to pick our brains.

Undergraduates should not disturb us outside these periods unless there is an urgent problem with the system.

Using the Help Desk

You can log a call with us at cimhelpdesk.rhul.ac.uk/ or send an e-mail to cimhelpdesk at rhul.ac.uk . Please do not send help requests to individual members of the Support team, this will only cause delay.

You can help us respond quickly by spending a few moments thinking about what to put in the message:

  • Always use a descriptive Subject (messages without subjects go straight to the bottom of the queue!)
  • If the problem is repeatable tell us how to reproduce it.
  • Always include the full text of any error messages (use left and middle mouse buttons to cut and paste).
  • If the problem is an intermittent one tell us when it happened.
  • If the problem is related to a graphical program tell us which terminal you were using.

To solve your problem we may need access to your files. We will assume you don't mind us using superuser privilege to read configuration files and documents you explicitly mention in your message.

Current Support team

  • Jon Hart (IT Manager) - McCrea 355b
  • Adrian Thomas - McCrea 355a
  • Tristan Findley - McCrea 357

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