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Electronic Submission of Coursework

If you have been asked to submit coursework electronically then you need to use the submitCoursework command. There are two ways to use the command. The first way is very simple:

teaching$ submitCoursework cs1701ex1

In this example you are submitting coursework for the (imaginary) CS1701 course which you have saved in the directory cs1701ex1. The script will prompt you to enter the course and exercise names, and will then tell you whether or not your submission was successful.

The second more advanced form of the command is:

teaching$ submitCoursework -c CS1701 -e ex1 cs1701ex1

Using this form allows you to specify the course name, exercise name and directory all in one go and will save you a little typing.

If you do not know the course name or exercise name then check thematerials given to you or ask the course lecturer.

Carefully read the messages displayed on the screen: they will clearly state whether the submission has succeeded or failed. If it succeeds you will see a list of files that have been zipped up and copied, and you will also receive an email receipt. You are advised to keep the receipt as proof of submission.


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