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City: Rome to Medieval World: Course Plan

1. The City: Thinking about the city 

a. What is a city? b. What is an Ancient City? c. The World of Cities: Classics, the Classical World and Cities d. Finley, Weber and the Ancient City

2. Reading Roman Alexandria

a. Strabo. b. Writing Geographies c. Reading Alexandria

3. Making Classical Cities in Roman Egypt

a. Metropoles b. Cities and aristocracies c. Cities and temples d. Cities and Culture e. Cities and administration

4. Cities in Britain

a. Making Romans b. Making Civilization c. The Romanization Debate

5. Cities in Asia a. Making Romans; Staying Greek: Aphrodisias b. Rituals and Communities: Ephesus c. Second Sophistic

6. What is a city? Cities as nature.

a. The anthropology of cities b. Chicago School c. Van Thünen’s Rings d. Central Place Theory

7. The City in History: Building the Citizen Community

a. From the Medieval to the Modern b. The Industrial Community c. The anti-city?d. Cities and order

8. The post-industrial city

a. San Francisco b. The post-economic city/post-modern city

9. Cities and imagination 

a. Building the future in LA b. The Imagined community

10.    Ideology and the City

a. The ideological community: Aristotle to Marx b. Arendt and the post-ideological community c. The nature of ideology in the Modern/Liberal age d. The imperial city and the ideological world

11.    Egyptian urbanism under Christian pressures 

a. Life of St Antony b. Life of Shenoute

12.    Making the Christian City: Rome

a. Jerome: Memories of the City b. Melania the Younger

13.    Making the Christian City: Milan

a. Ambrose and Milan

14.    Making the Christian Man: Augustine

15.    Resisting the Christian City

a. Libanius under siege b. The assault on the Serapeum

16.    The City in flux: Reading the Past in Aphrodisias

17.    Remembering Rome: Cassiodorus and the governance of Italy

18.    Saints and the survival of cities in the East

a. Symeon the Fool b. John the Almoner

19.    New Cities in the West

a. Barbarians and the Trade Cities b. Monastic Cities

20.    Old Cities of the East

Finding Islamic urbanism.


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