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[owl]Bulletin 43 (2014)


Greg Woolf
CUCD Chair's Report, 2013-14: Basket Weaving


Frances Foster
Classics, or What's in a Name?
Eleanor Dickey
The Impact of the Poor Academic Job Market on PhD Graduates – and what we individual academics can do about it
Helen King, Emma Bridges, Katerina Potiriadi, Liz Gloyn, Clare Millington, and Silvie Kigallon
CRSN Workshop Report: Social Media and Classical Studies
Genevieve Liveley
CUCD Education Committee Report 2013–14
Carey Fleiner
The New Integrated Masters Degree in Classical Studies at the University of Winchester
Helen King
New Degrees in Classical Studies at the Open University
Evelien Bracke
Swansea Summer School in Ancient Languages 2015


Philomen Probert
Anna Morpurgo Davies (1937–2014)

[owl]Bulletin 42 (2013)


Greg Woolf
CUCD Chair's Report, 2012-13: Pharaoh's Dream


David Carter, Genevieve Liveley, Robin Osborne, and Steven Hunt
Counting the Cost of Higher Fees


Evelien Bracke
Literacy through Latin in Welsh Schools: Romanes eunt domus?
Genevieve Liveley & Sophie Wrenham
The Public Role of the Humanities: Update and Essay
Anastasia Bakogianni
Teaching in the Round: Classical Reception Studies and Interactive Workshops
Amy Coker
The Liverpool Classics Graduate Teaching Fellow Partnership: Interim Report
Zuzanna Bennett, Rachel Bird and Alex Ferron
Transforming the Postgraduate Experience: UWICAH's First Annual Meeting of Postgraduates
Frances Foster
The ICS Early Career Seminar
Evelien Bracke, Mai Musié and Lorna Robinson
Classics in Communities: Preparing for Ancient Languages 2014 and Beyond


Richard Green
Eric Handley (1926–2013)
Stephen Harrison
Robin Nisbet (1925–2013)
Ronald Knox & Costas Panayotakis
Peter Walsh (1923–2013)
Peter Jones
David West (1926–2013)


Ulrike Roth
Classics at UK Universities, 2012-13: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 41 (2012)


Robin Osborne
CUCD Chair's Report, 2011-12: Collateral Damage


Amy Coker, Genevieve Liveley, Ellen Mackay, Cressida Ryan and Catherine Steel
School and University Collaborations: some new initiatives


Susan Deacy, Fiona McHardy and Genevieve Liveley
Why Sensitive Subjects?
Kurt Lampe
Pornography in the Classics Classroom
Trish Thomas
Teaching Sensitive Subjects: Where next?
Alex Wardrop
Teaching Rape and Sexual Violence in the Classics Classroom: Reflections and responsibilities
Heather Hunter-Crawley
Teaching Difficult Subjects: A postgraduate teacher's perspective
Gillian Clark
Charlie Hustings
Studying Domestic Violence in the Classics Classroom
Susan Deacy and Fiona McHardy
Teaching Sensitive Subjects in the Classical Classroom: Challenges, advice and strategies


Emma Stafford
Tony Brothers (1938-2011)
Mark Pearce
David Ridgway (1938-2012)
Andrew Parkin
Brian Shefton (1919-2012)


Ulrike Roth
Classics at UK Universities, 2011-12: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 40 (2011)

Robin Osborne
Chair's Report, 2010–11
Ulrike Roth
Going Astray: Classics and the NSS
Sue Blundell (with Susan Deacy)
Gender in the University Classics Curriculum: A Colloquium
Mary Harlow, Holly Ranger, Polly Toney and Sarah Wilkowski
Gender and Classics Teaching
Emmanuel Carvajal
The Impact of Gender on the Classical and Contemporary Worlds
Catherine Lund
The Road Never Travelled
Helen King, Susanne Turner and Niki Karapanagioti
Gender and Classics Teaching: Responses to the Event
Ulrike Roth
Classics at UK Universities, 2010–11: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 39 (2010)

Robin Osborne
Chair's Report, 2008–9
Ray Laurence
Classics and Its Dyslexics
James Robson
Bridging the Divide: Innovations in Language Teaching at the Open University
Sarah Francis & Catherine Steel
Classics in the Subject Centre
Scott Burgess
Internationalisation, Study Abroad and the Curriculum
Ulrike Roth
Classics at UK Universities, 2009–10: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 38 (2009)

Robin Osborne
Chair's Report, 2008–9
Barbara Hill
Overwhelmed by Words: Students with Dyslexia and Latin
Kim Shahabudin & Judy Turner
Enabling Success for Dyslexic Students in Classics
Susan Deacy
Asperger Syndrome and Classical Mythology
David Gill
Podcasting the Ancient World
Will Griffiths
New Latin Qualifications for Secondary School Students
Paul Millett
Classics at UK Universities, 2008–9: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 37 (2008)

Robin Osborne
Chair's Report, 2007–8
Kathryn Tempest
Thinking about Employability
Daniel Dench
The Work Placement Module at Roehampton
Jan Parker
Can We Account for Classics' Complex Skills?
CUCD protocol for the employment of salaried Academic Staff on short-term contracts
Paul Millett
Classics at UK Universities, 2007–8: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 36 (2007)

Robin Osborne
Chair's Report, 2006–7
Steven Green
The Temporary Lecturer against the World: A Personal Reflection
Helen King
Response to Steven Green
Eleanor OKell with Christopher Rowe and Richard Williams
The History, Classics, and Archaeology Subject Centre and the Non-Permanent HE Teacher
Paul Millett
Classics at UK Universities, 2006–7: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 35 (2006)

Graham Shipley
Chair's Report, 2005–6
Ulrike Roth
Doing the Sums: A Quantitative Reply to the AHRC Supported ERIH Project
Lin Foxhall
ERIH: New Directions and Future Developments
Malcolm Heath
Classics and Metrics Led research Assessment
Phiroze Vasunia
What Can We Learn from the USA?
Paul Millett
Classics at UK Universities, 2005–6: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 34 (2005)

Graham Shipley
Chair's Report 2005
Charles Martindale
Reception and the Classics of the Future
Christopher Rowe
Reply to Charles Martindale
Tom Harrison
The State of Greek History
Graham Shipley
Speech to CUCD Reception and List of those Attending the Reception at Westminster
Paul Millett
Classics at UK Universities, 2004-5: Statistics
Graham Shipley
Contents of Issues 1-33 (1973-2004)
The complete issue is also available as a single PDF file (712k).

[owl]Bulletin 33 (2004)

The meaning of it all
Graham Shipley
Chair's report 2004
David Fitzpatrick
Chameleons? The Classics scholar of the 21st Century
Bob Lister
Classics in Schools: time for reappraisal (again)
Paul Millett
Classics at British universities 2003-4: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 32 (2003)

Vocation, Vocation, Vocation
Gillian Clark
Chair's Report 2003
Margaret Atkins
Should He who Pays the Piper Call the Tune?
Lorna Hardwick
Classics and Ancient History at University: Shaping Future Directions in Learning and Teaching
Graham Shipley
Classics at British Universities 2002-3: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 31 (2002)

On Waterfalls and Jugs
Gillian Clark
Chair's Report 2002
Stephen Mitchell
The British Schools and Institutes of Archaeology - a Short Guide
David Fitzpatrick et al.
The Cutting Edge of Classics: Debates and Dilemmas
Graham Shipley
Classics at British Universities 2001-2: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 30 (2001)

Happy Anniversary
R. W. Sharples
Chair's Report 2001
Geoffrey Eatough
Classics at British Universities, 2000-2001: statistics
Graham Shipley
UCAS Data on Applications in Classical Subjects, 1998-2000
Lorna Hardwick
LTSN Classics and Ancient History: a forum for debate and development
Geoffrey Eatough
What Crisis?
Eric Handley
Tityre, tu patulae....
Jan Parker
Old vs. New Pedagogy: thoughts from a parodic agon

[owl]Bulletin 29 (2000)

Sorcerer's Apprentice
R.W. Sharples
Chair's Report 2000
Geoffrey Eatough
Classics at British Universities, 1999-2000: Statistics
Lorna Hardwick
Classical Studies in the Learning and Teaching Support Network
Teresa Morgan
Assessment in Roman Education

[owl]Bulletin 28 (1999)

Parthian Glances
Christopher Rowe
Chair's Report 1999
Appendix: correspondence between Peter Wiseman and David Pilsbury (Head of Research Policy, HEFCE)
Geoffrey Eatough
Classics at British Universities, 1998-9: Statistics
Mary Beard, John Richardson, Dorothy Thompson
CUCD Conference Panel, Liverpool 1999: "Money, Money, Money"
Robin Osborne
JACT Ancient History A Level: the new specification
Stephen Hill
JACT Classical Civilisation A Level: the new specification

[owl]Bulletin 27 (1998)

Quality Control

Christopher Stray
Attractive and Nonsensical Classics: Oxford, Cambridge and Elsewhere
Christopher Rowe
Chairman's Report 1998
Geoffrey Eatough
Classics at British Universities, 1997-8: Statistics
CUCD Conference Panel, Lampeter 1998: "Graduateness"
Charlotte Roueché
Greek after Pentecost: The Arguments for Ancient Language

[owl]Bulletin 26 (1997)

Crunching Figures

Richard Janko
Literature, Criticism and Authority: The Experience of Antiquity (60K)
Geoffrey Eatough
Classics at British Universities, 1996-7: Statistics
Pat Easterling & panel
Report on Research Assessment Exercise 1996
Bob Lister
Language Teaching at University: Some Further Thoughts
Lorna Hardwick
Translation: Future Imperative?
CUCD Conference Panel, Royal Holloway 1997:
Classics in the UK and Overseas: Some Comparisons

[owl]Bulletin 25 (1996)

Common Tongues

CUCD Conference Panel on Language Teaching, Nottingham 1996:

David R. Langslow
Notes on Some Aims and Assumptions of Classical Language Courses at University
Oxford Language Aptitude Test
Barbara Bell
Language Teaching in Schools
Anthony Bowen
Ab Initio Greek at Cambridge
Geoffrey Eatough
Classics at British Universities, 1995-6: Statistics

[owl]Bulletin 24 (1995)

Loose Connections

CUCD Conference Panel on Postgraduate Training, Exeter 1995:

Susanna Morton Braund
The Needs of Graduate Students, or How to Make It into the Ivory Tower

Emma Stafford
Postgraduate Teaching Experience

Judith P. Hallett
Graduate Education in Classics: Some American Perspectives and Initiatives
Appendix: Acculturating the Aspiring Classicist
Digest of conference discussion

Geoffrey Eatough
Classics at British Universities, 1995-6: Statistics
Lorna Hardwick
The Humanities Higher Education Research Group

Fergus Millar
Using Major Classical Libraries

Survey on Ab Initio Language Teaching:

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