[Council of University Classical Departments]

Minutes of the 128th meeting of the Standing Committee

Saturday 11 September 2010, 11 am

Stewart House, 32 Russell Sq., University of London

  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Minutes of the June 2010 meeting
  3. Endorsement of candidate for REF 2014 sub-panel chair in UoA 31 (Classics)
  4. REF 2014 sub-panel 31 (Classics): nominations by CUCD
  5. CUCD Treasurer
  6. Date of next meeting

Present: Robin Osborne (Cambridge; Chair), Bruce Gibson (Liverpool; Secretary), Miriam Leonard (UCL, Acting Treasurer), Steven Green (Leeds), Elena Isayev (Exeter), Nick Lowe (RHUL; Webmaster), Fiona McHardy (Roehampton; Editor of the Bulletin), Jonathan Powell (RHUL), James Robson (Open; Languages), Ulrike Roth (Edinburgh), Jakob Wisse (Newcastle).

1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Mike Edwards (Director, ICS), Peter Jones (Friends of Classics), Christopher Pelling (Oxford), Catherine Steel (Glasgow; Subject Centre), Matthew Wright (Exeter).

2. Minutes of the June 2010 meeting.

As this was a special meeting whose main purpose was to decide on nominations for the REF sub-panel, it was agreed to approve the June minutes (along with those of the current meeting) and discuss matters arising at the next regular meeting in October.

3. Endorsement of candidate for REF 2014 sub-panel chair in UoA 31 (Classics).

[The Chair left the room for this item]. After discussion, it was agreed to endorse Professor Robin Osborne (Cambridge), the sole candidate to have asked CUCD for endorsement of his application to be sub-panel chair.

4. REF 2014 sub-panel 31 (Classics): nominations by CUCD.

Members of the SC discussed general principles which would inform their nominations. It was agreed: that individuals should be nominated whose judgement was likely to inspire confidence within the subject community; that it was desirable that some of the sub-panellists willing to serve from the 2008 sub-panel should be nominated for the 2014 sub-panel; that, other things being equal, it was preferable that individuals should not be nominated who would have retired by the time of the census date; that nomination of sub-panellists should be made with a view to providing coverage of subject areas (e.g. Greek literature, Roman history), and that within subject areas it would be desirable as far as possible to avoid exact duplication of previous sub-panellists; that CUCD should aim to nominate individuals from as wide a spread of departments as possible, especially in cases of departments which had not been represented on the 2008 sub-panel; and that in some areas of the discipline CUCD would nominate alternatives, where other combinations of sub-panellists from different departments were possible. It was also agreed that members of the SC present who were being considered for nomination would leave the room during discussion of their subject area.

After discussion of all the names which had been put forward by CUCD departments, and consideration of written comments sent to the Chair by those unable to be present, CUCD agreed to nominate the following individuals as members of the sub-panel (members of the 2008 sub-panel appear in bold):

The Chair agreed to convey CUCD's proposed nominations to other subject associations.

5. CUCD Treasurer.

The Secretary reported that Adam Bartley had resigned from the office of Treasurer, and that Miriam Leonard had agreed to serve as Acting Treasurer. The account signature would be changed as soon as possible.

6. Date of next meeting.

Members of the SC were reminded that it had been agreed in June that the next meeting would take place on Saturday, 9 October 2010 at 11 am.

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