[Council of University Classical Departments]

Report of the 102nd meeting of Standing Committee

Saturday, 13th October 2001, 11 a.m.

Institute of Classical Studies, Senate House, Malet Street, LONDON WC1E 7HU.

  1. Approval of minutes
  2. Matters Arising
  3. Chair's Report
  4. Treasurer's Report
  5. Secretary's Report
  6. Statistics
  7. Council 2001
  8. AOB

1. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the meeting of June 16th 2001 were accepted.

2. Matters Arising:

2.1 National Classics Prospectus
Charlotte Roueche reported developments. Expressions of interest in hosting the website had been received and formal bids had been requested by 5th November to be presented at Council in November (17/11/01). The bids would also be presented at JACT Council (10/11/01) and CA Council (24/11/01). Both Charlotte and Nick Lowe were thanked for their work in setting up this project.

2.2 Institute of Classical Studies
The issue of whether the ICS was a member institution of CUCD was discussed. On membership arrangements, it was clarified that both Oxford and Cambridge were entitled to two representatives and therefore two votes at Council.

3. Chair's Report

A full version of the report is published in the CUCD Bulletin (Volume 30, 2001).

4. Treasurer's Report

The Business Premium Account, as of September 29th 2001, stood at ?1,208.49 and the Community Account (to cover the running of CUCD) at ?1,500.52. Overall the finances seemed to be in a reasonably good position. The treasurer raised the question of how to use the Business Premium Account and would bring this to the next meeting of Standing Committee.

5. Secretary's Report

5.1 Mailings
There had been three mailings over Summer 2001: a letter requesting nominations for Chair and membership of Standing Committee; a letter requesting bids to host the National Classics Prospectus; and a letter consulting members on the statistics gathering exercise. A new email list of institutional contacts had been created.

5.2 Member institutions
The following four institutions would be invited to join CUCD: Queen Mary and Westfield College; Birkbeck College; University of Southampton; and the University of Surrey, Roehampton. Keele had ceased to be a member in the 2000/1 session and St. Mary's University College (Strawberry Hill) would cease to be a member in 2001/2. A full list of member institutions is published on the CUCD website.

6. Statistics

6.1 Geoffrey Eatough presented his final annual report on the figures for classical study. The full text is published in Bulletin 30, 2001. The committee expressed its great debt of thanks to him for patient and precise data collection and analysis over many years, and would miss his presence at meetings.

6.2 Graham Shipley reported on developments in reforming the statistics questionnaire for the coming year. There had been seven responses to the consultation letter of the summer. No- one wanted radical change in the manner of data collection and the general message was "the simpler, the better". GS would take account of these suggestions in revising the questionnaire and would consult Council for any further ideas on improvements. The new version of the questionnaire would go before Standing Committee in January 2002 for approval and would then be published via the CUCD website.

6.3 GS had established that there were 418 different UCAS codes for classical subjects and had requested from UCAS a search on figures for all Classical subjects during the last three years. These data establish a reliable picture of applications to the different programmes nationally and are published in Bulletin 30, 2001.

7. Council 2001

7.1 CUCD Election at Council
The following nominations had been received:
for Chair: Professor Chris Carey (Royal Holloway); and Professor Gillian Clark (Bristol)
for Standing Committee: Dr Bruce Gibson (Liverpool); Dr Philip Hardie (Cambridge); Dr Thomas Harrison (St. Andrews); Professor Stephen Mitchell (Swansea); Dr Costas Panayotakis (Glasgow); and Dr Susanna Phillippo (Newcastle). Secondings would be sought by November 9th 2001.

7.2 AHRB nominations
Since no nominations had been received for the AHRB panels, a further request would be made before Council.

8. AOB

British Academy Review of Graduate Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences
The Chair reported that the British Academy Review of Graduate Studies, to which CUCD had contributed comments, had now been published. The problem of the pressure for rapid completion of PhDs distorting the specialisms studied, a point we had included in our response, had been acknowledged.

E. E. Pender
School of Classics
University of Leeds

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