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Application forms


What is an application form?

Online application forms require you to list your education & experience and explain what you gained from it.

You will also be asked to answer questions relating to what the organisation is looking for. For example:

  • "Describe a situation when you overcame a substantial challenge."
  • "Why did you apply for this role in particular?"
  • "Explain how your extra-curricular activities will contribute to your success in this role."


  • Research and understand the employer, the sector, the role and what the employer is looking for. Keynote is a great tool for researching sectors.
  • Read the instructions and questions - very carefully. Do exactly what they ask.
  • Tailor your answers to the job. Employers strongly dislike generic answers.
  • Draft your questions in rough first. When complete get them checked by the Careers & Employability Service.
  • Instead of making claims such as, "I have good communication skills", use specific examples and facts, such as "I made a one hour presentation to 45 students and won the class prize"

What next?

  1. Do the Application Form Moodle Course and get Passport Points!
  2. Read the application forms helpsheet on Moodle
  3. Check our events page for application form workshops.
  4. Draft your application form answers and book an appointment to have them checked.


Careers Moodle  Courses


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