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School Seminar - Dr Andrew King

16/03/2016 (16:00-17:00)
shoal of fish

Shoal of fish

Host - Dr Steve Portugal

Dr Andrew King

University of Swansea

"Sociality, heterogeneity, organisation and leadership in animal societies"

My research group at Swansea - SHOAL (Sociality, Heterogeneity, Organisation And Leadership) - uses a question-oriented approach to address a range of issues in animal behaviour and ecology. An overarching aim of our research is to understand how costs and benefits shape individual behaviour, and how these behaviours relate to the structure and functioning of groups and populations. To achieve this, we conduct research on a variety of group-living fish, bird, and mammal systems (including humans) in the wild and in the lab, and use novel technologies and analytical tools to access information about interactions at many spatial-temporal scales. In this talk I will explore real-life cases and theoretical models that deal with the causes and consequences of collective behaviour in humans and other animals, and discuss some of our latest work that aims not only to test discipline specific hypotheses, but measure, understand, and predict how social animals deal with rapid changes to their environment.


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