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Dr Peter Gardner




Solution thermodynamics of Group I thiocyanates; interrelating activity coefficients, solubilities and enthalpies of solution. Works on microcalorimetric methods in the understanding of the physico-chemical properties of soils, and nitrate transport dynamics in flooded soils.

Selected publications

A simple method for estimating nitrate removal from floodwaters in river marginal wetlands. Soil Use and Management, 1998, 14, 90 - 95.

The measurement and analysis of denitrification rates obtained using soil columns from river marginal wetlands. Soil Use and Management, 1999, 15, 150 - 56.

The standard enthalpy of formation of the aqueous cyanide ion. J. Chemical Thermodynamics, 1993, 25, 1386 - 90.

The enthalpies of formation of (dimethylamino)dicyanophosphine, bis(dimethylamino)cyanophosphine, and tricyanophosphine. J. Chemical Thermodynamics, 1995, 27, 575 - 84.

The enthalpy of formation of 4-nitrophenyl azide. Thermochimica Acta, 1997, 298, 191 - 4.

Ab Initio Molecular Orbital Studies for Compounds of Magnesium. J. Computational Chemistry, 1993, 14, 1523 - 33

A temperature correction procedure for field-based soil denitrification experiments.

By P. J. Gardner, N. Flynn, and E. Maltby. Soil Use and Management, 2000, 16, 260 - 3.

A simple method for the determination of ionic diffusion coefficients in flooded soils.

By P. J. Gardner, N. Flynn, and E. Maltby. Hydrological Processes, 2001, 15, 511 - 518.

Key collaborator

Prof E Maltby, University of Liverpool.


Tel: 01784-443415
Fax: 01784-414224
Email: p.gardner@rhul.ac.uk


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