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Paul Finch, Honorary Research Fellow

FinchOverview of current research

Development and application of methods for the sampling and analysis of mixtures of organic compounds, especially of biological origin. The main methods used are gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry, often preceded by chemical derivatisation. A general objective is the tailoring of a method to a particular application e.g. trimethylsulphonium hydroxide for rapid and direct fatty acid profiling, dithioacetal derivatives for elimination of carbohydrate ring and anomeric multiplicity,  chloroformate derivatisation for avoidance of ‘carbohydrate overload’ in plant extracts.

Methods are currently being applied to the analysis of plant and animal cell metabolites, the life cycle and pheromones of the Stag and other beetles, drug-receptor identification, archaeological and paleological residues and soil microbial profiling.

Selected Publications

Plant growth-promoting Bacillus suppress Brevicoryne brassicae field infestation and trigger density-dependent and density-independent natural enemy responses, Kiran R. Gadhave, Paul Finch, Trevor M. Gibson, Alan C. Gange, J Pest Sci 89 (2016)  985-992

A Peroxidase-Dependent Apoplastic Oxidative Burst in Cultured Arabidopsis Cells Functions in MAMP-Elicited Defense, Jose A. O’Brien2 , Arsalan Daudi, Paul Finch, Vernon S. Butt, Julian P. Whitelegge, Puneet Souda, Frederick M. Ausubel, and G. Paul Bolwell, Plant Physiology, 158 (2012) 2013–2027

Arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization, plant chemistry, and aboveground herbivory on Senecio jacobaea, Stefan Reidinger, René Eschena, Alan C. Gange, , Paul Finch , T. Martijn Bezemer, Acta Oecologica 38, (2012) 8–16

 Development of non-invasive monitoring methods for larvae and adults of the stag beetle, Lucanus cervus, Deborah J. Harvey, Colin J. Hawes, Alan C. Gange, Paul Finch, David Chesmore and Ian Farr, Insect Conservation & Diversity 4 (2011) 4-14

Key collaborators

  • Dr D. Harvey

  • Professor A Gange

  • Professor A. C. Scott

  • Dr A Devoto

  • Dr M. Soloviev


Tel: 01784-443396
Fax: 01784-414224
Email: p.finch@rhul.ac.uk


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