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School Seminar - Professor Michael Holdsworth

12/03/2014 (17:00-18:00)

Professor Michael Holdsworth

Professor Michael Holdsworth
University of Nottingham

Host - Professor Gerhard Leubner

Targeted proteolysis, sensing gases and increasing food security

How do plants survive in a hostile world? Plants cannot run away when confronted with a problem, they have to sit it out and try to survive. In my seminar I will present our recent evidence uncovering for the first time the molecular mechanism that plants use to sense the gases oxygen and nitric oxide, through the  N-end rule pathway of targeted proteolysis. Sensing these gases via changed stability of transcription factors provides plants with a unified mechanism to respond to limitations in water, from drought to flooding. This information can be used by breeders addressing the 'second green revolution', to provide stabilised yields under increasingly uncertain climatic conditions.

Our recent papers in this area are:

Gibbs et al. Molecular Cell (2014): Discovery of a general mechanism of nitric oxide sensing in plants.

Gibbs et al. Nature (2011): Discovery of the mechanism of oxygen sensing in plants.

Holman et al. PNAS (2009): First discovery of a developmental function for the N-end rule pathway in plants.




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