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Staff directory

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Academic staff (A-Z)

Research Themes: Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour (EEB), Plant Molecular Sciences (PMS) and Biomedical Sciences (BMS).

All rooms are Bourne Laboratories unless otherwise stated.

Pavlos Alifragis

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences

Room: 4-23. Email: Dr Alifragis

Programme Director MSc by Research                                                   

Jonathan Beauchamp


Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

Room: 3-20Email: Dr Beauchamp

Admissions Officer


Laurence Bindschedler


Senior Lecturer in Plant Biochemistry

Room: 3-31Email: Dr Bindschedler



Laszlo Bogre

Professor of Plant Molecular Cell Biology (PMS)

Room: 3-12.  Email: Professor Bogre



Mark Brown


Professor of Evolutionary Ecology
& Conservation (EEB)

Room: 5-14.  Email: Professor Brown


Head of EEB


Philip Chen


Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

Room: 4-19.  Email: Dr Chen

Admissions Coordinator



Simon Cutting

Professor of Molecular Microbiology (BMS)

Room: 4-28.  Email: Professor Cutting 


Paul Devlin

Senior Lecturer in Plant Molecular Biology (PMS)

Room: 4-14.  Email: Dr Devlin


Alessandra  Devoto


Reader in Molecular Plant Biology

Room: 3-14Email: Dr Devoto



George Dickson 


Professor of Molecular Cell Biology (BMS)

Room: 3-37Email: Professor Dickson



Shobana Dissanayeke

Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

Room: 5-12Email: Dr Dissanayeke

Chair of UG Sub-Board of Examiners; Outreach Officer

 Sobana Dissanyeke 2017

Paul Fraser

Professor of Biochemistry (PMS)

Room: 3-32Email: Professor Fraser 

Head of PMS Theme

Alan Gange


Professor of Microbial Ecology (EEB)

Room: 5-10. Email: Professor Gange




Vincent Jansen


Professor of Mathematical Biology (EEB)

Room: 3-33.  Email: Professor Jansen

Director of Research; Deputy Head of School
*Professor Jansen is currently on Sabbatical



Julia Koricheva



Professor of Ecology (EEB)

Room: 5-12.  Email: Professor Koricheva

Deputy Director of Research

 Julia Koricheva 2017


Elli Leadbeater



Reader in Molecular Ecology (EEB)

Room: 5-06.  Email: Dr Leadbeater 

Twitter: ElliLeadbeater1 


Gerhard Leubner


Professor of Plant Biochemistry (PMS)

Room: 3-30Email: Professor Leubner



Enrique Lopez


Senior Lecturer in Plant Development (PMS)

Room: 4-16.  Email: Dr Lopez

Library Representative 


Walter Lucchesi


Lecturer in Medical Biochemistry (BMS)

Room: 3-23.  Email: Dr Lucchesi

Work Placement Co-ordinator; Careers Liason Tutor


James McEvoy


Senior Lecturer in Biological Chemistry (BMS)

Room: 3-29.  Email: Dr McEvoy

Co-ordinator for Molecular Biosciences;
Schools Liason and Outreach Officer

Dave Morritt

Reader in Aquatic Ecology (EEB)

Room: 5-15.  Email: Dr Morritt

Head of School

PA: Email: Tracey Jefferies


Jenny Murdoch             

Senior Lecturer in Developmental Neurobiology (BMS)

Room: 5-05.  Email: Dr Murdoch

Director of Teaching


Sarah Papworth

Senior Lecturer in Conservation Biology (EEB)                           

Room: 3-16. Email: Dr Papworth 


Linda Popplewell         

Lecturer in Molecular Cell Biology (BMS)      

Room 3-37Email: Dr Popplewell


Steve Portugal

Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Physiology (EEB)  

Room 5-16Email: Dr Portugal 


Web Liason Officer

 Rudiger Riesch

Senior Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology (EEB)                                 

Room: 5-20. Email: Dr Riesch 



Pankaj Sharma              

Professor of Neurobiology (BMS)

Room JB011Email: Professor Sharma 

Director of Institute of Cardiovascular Research


Mikhail Soloviev



Senior Lecturer in Biological Chemistry (BMS)

Room: 4-33. Email: Dr Soloviev

Director of Graduate Studies

Tony Stead

Senior Lecturer in Plant Biology (PMS)     

Room: 5-08.  Email: Dr Stead 

Admission Officer; Staff-Postgraduate Student Liason Officer



 Rebecca Thomas

Lecturer in Ecology (EEB)     

Room: 5-59.  Email: Dr Thomas 


 Co-ordinator for Organismal Biosciences

Becky Thomas

Jorge Tovar

Reader in Molecular Cell Biology (BMS)

Room: 3-22.  Email: Dr Tovar


Francisco Ubeda

Reader in Evolutionary Biology (EEB)

Room: 4-07Email: Dr Ubeda 

Seminar Series Organiser 


 Chris Wilkinson

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences (BMS)

Room: 4-20Email: Dr Wilkinson 



Robin Willams              

Professor of Molecular Cell Biology (BMS)    

Room: 4-18Email: Professor Williams 

Head of BMS Theme


Rafael Yanez

Prof in Advanced Therapy (BMS)

Room: 4-12.  Email: Dr Yanez 

Director of Planning and Resources

Rafael Yanez 2017

 Administrative staff (A-Z)

Lucy Davidson                   

Faculty Adminstrator (Undergraduate)

Room: 5-03. Email: Lucy Davidson

+44 1784 443776

Lucy Davidson

Michelle Jux


School Manager

Room: 5-02. Email: Michelle Jux

+44 1784 443763


Tracey Jeffries

Faculty Administrator (Postgraduate)

Room: 5-15. Email: Tracey Jeffries

PA to Head of School 

 +44 1784 443559

Melanie Kiukkanen


Faculty Adminstrator (Undergraduate)

Room: 5-03.  Email: Melanie Kiukkanen

+44 1784 443773

Mel Kiukannen 2017

Nicola Moss

Faculty Administrator (Teaching)

Room: 5-04Email: Nicola Moss

+44 1784 443557

Penelope Smith

Research Administrator

Room: 3-37Email: Penelope Smith

+44 1784 276326 
Penny Smith

Lyn Samways


Faculty Administrator (Purchasing & Postgraduate)

Room: 5-01. Email: Lyn Samways

+44 1784 443558


Lyn Samways

 Technical staff (A-Z)


Pauline Baker              

Teaching Technician 

Room: 2-02Email: Pauline Baker

 +44 1784 443775

Susan Baldwin


Supervising Technician 

Room: 3-15Email: Susan Baldwin

 +44 1784 443769


Ravinder Bhardwaj

Research Technician 

Room: 3-02a.  Email: Ravinder Bhardwaj

 +44 1784 443404

 Alex Curilovs


Room: 3-15Email: Alex Curilovs

+44 1784  443768

 Anthony Fish


Room: 1-04Email: Anthony FIsh


Chris Gerrish

Senior Research Technician

Room: 3-27Email: Chris Gerrish

+44 1784  443895

Sean Gibson

Engineering Workshop Technician

Room: QB workshopEmail: Sean Gibson

+44 1784  443768

Mark Levy


Horticulture Technician 

Glasshouses Email: Mark Levy

 +44 1784 471644



Kel Liu

Research & Teaching Technician 

Room: 4-38Email: Kel Liu

+44 1784 443266


Suzy McInnes

Teaching Support Technician 

Room: 3-11Email: Suzy McInnes

 +44 1784 443561

Neil Morley 

Research Technician (EEB)

Room: 4-24Email: Neil Morley

 +44 1784 443391

 Marta Perez


Research Technician (PMS)

Room: 204Email: Marta Perez

 +44 1784 443909

Rob Prouse

Stores Supervisor

Room: 1-06.  Email: Rob Prouse

 +44 1784 443364

Fiona Purse


Senior Teaching Technician 

Room: 3-11. Email: Fiona Purse

 +44 1784 443561



Steve Richards



Senior Technician 

Room: 3-11.  Email: Steve Richards

 +44 1784 443374



Ray Smith



Room: 3-11Email: Ray Smith

 +44 1784 443374


Elaine Turton

Technical Operations Manager (TOM)

Room: 5-13Email: Elaine Turton

+44 1784 443391
 Health and Safety Coordinator 

 Simona Ursu     

Teaching & Research Technician 

Room: 3-02aEmail: Simona Ursu

+44 1784 443764



Postdoctoral staff (A-Z)



Emily Bailes


Brown Group (EEB)

Room: 5-09. Email: Emily Bailes



Sandra Barantal


Koricheva Group (EEB)

Room: 5-10. Email: Sandra Barantal



Ioana Cotlarciuc

Sharma Group (BMS)

Room: BowyerEmail: Ioana Cotlarciuc



Deborah Harvey

Gange Group (EEB)

Room: 5-10Email: Deborah Harvey


Fabio Manfredini

Leadbeater Group (EEB)

Room: 5-06.  Email: Fabio Manfredini



Kai Graeber

Leubner Group (PMS)

Room: 3-29a.  Email: Kai Graeber


Hayder Abdul-Razak

Dickson Group (BMS)

Room: W-347.  Email: Hayder Abdul-Razak


James Hourston

Leubner Group (PMS)

Room: 5-17.  Email: James Hourston


Michael Ignatz

Leubner Group (PMS)

Room: 5-17.  Email: Michael Ignatz



Susan Jarmin


 Dickson Group (BMS)

Room: 3-47.  Email: Susan Jarmin



Anita Le Heron


Dickson Group (BMS)

Room: 3-47.  Email: Anita Le Heron


Ngoc Lu-Nguyen

Dickson Group (BMS)

Room: W-347.  Email: Ngoc Lu-Nguyen



Alberto Malerba



Dickson Group (BMS)

Room: 3-47.  Email: Alberto Malerba



Kazumi Nakabayashi


Leubner Group (PMS)

Room: 5-17Email: Kazumi Nakabayashi


Csaba Papdi

Bogre Group  (PMS)

Room: 3-24Email: Csaba Papdi



Shan Herath



Dickson Group (BMS)

Room: 3-47.  Email: Shan Herath




Jamuna Selvakumaran



Yanez Group (BMS)

Room: 4-04.  Email: Jamuna Selvakumaran




Tina Steinbrecher



Leubner Group (PMS)

Room: 3-29a.  Email: Tina Steinbrecher




Research Staff A-Z


Elisabete Barros de Carvalho
John Bryden
Natalia Carreno-Quintero
Anil Chandrashekran
Margit Drapal
Genny Enfissi
Lena Grinsted
Shanthi Herath
Hong Huynh
Michael Ignatz
Susan Jarmin
Anita LeHeron
Alberto Malerba
Marilise Nogueria
Grant Otto
Imma Perez-Salamo
Jamuna Selvakumaran
Luis Sempere Bordes
Denis Vallese
Edwin Van Leeuwen
Stephanie Willing


Postgraduate students (A-Z)

Supervisor and theme                              
Addison, Thomas  Professor Sharma (BMS)
Ahmad, Zaki  Professor Bogre (BMS)
Ali, Thunazzina  Professor Fraser (PMS)
Ali Mohammadi Nafchi, Neda                                      Professor Yanez (BMS)
Alsaidi, Yasmine  Dr Soloviev (BMS)
Amanatidou, Elli  Dr McEvoy (BMS)
Arshad, Waheed  Professor Leubner (PMS)
Augustin, Katrin  Dr Soloviev (BMS)
Bavisi, Karishma  Dr Alifragis (BMS)         
Baylis, Francesca  Professor Gange (EEB)
Begum, Firdous  Dr Stead (PMS)
Blasi Fogletti, Camilla  Dr Papworth (EEB)
Bott, Katie  Professor Koricheva (EEB)
Casey, Matthew  Dr Stead (PMS) 
Chitty, Ruth                                                                  Professor Gange (EEB)
Ciszewski, Lukasz  Professor Dickson (BMS)
Cocorocchio, Marco  Professor Williams (BMS)
Das Gupta, Shaoli  Dr Bindschelder (PMS)
Ebertz, Andreas  Dr Devlin (PMS)
Edwards, Lauren  Professor Gange (EEB)
Farahi-Bilooei, Sara                                      Dr Lopez (PMS)
Ferreira, William                                                           Professor Cutting (BMS)
Folly, Arran  Professor Brown (EEB)
Gates, Shannah  Dr Devoto (BMS)
Gillan, Jack  Professor Fraser (PMS)
Golshirazi, Golnoush  Professor Dickson (BMS)
Grainge, Giles  Professor Leubner (PMS)
Gray, Joe  Professor Koriecheva (EEB)
Harish, Pradeep  Professor Dickson (BMS) 
Hawes, Colin  Professor Gange (EEB)
He, Jia  Dr Lopez (PMS)
Hodgkiss, Dylan  Professor Brown (EEB)
Holden, Alexandra  Professor Leubner (PMS)
Holloway, Thomas  Professor Leubner (PMS)
Hosseini, Siamand  Professor Cutting (BMS) 
Hussien-Ali, Alaa                              Dr Alfragis (BMS)
Jainlabdin, Mohd Hanif  Dr Jorge Tovar (BMS)
Jones, Samuel  Dr Portugal (EEB)
Jones, Sorrel  Dr Papworth (EEB)
Iqbal, Anila  Dr Wilkinson (BMS)
Kamanli, Seyit-Ali  Dr Morritt (EEB)
Kelly, Elizabeth  Professor Williams (BMS)
Kermode, Anthony  Dr Devoto (BMS)
Klompmater, Martin   Professor Fraser (PMS)
Krasauskas, Jovaras  Dr Devoto (BMS)
Laksanasopin, Supawat  Professor Jansen (EEB)
Lazariashvili, Otar  Professor Sharma (BMS)
Lear, Bianca  Dr Stead (PMS)
Leong, Yee  Dr Popplewell (BMS)
Lewis, Esther  Professor Fraser (PMS)
Liddell, Jewel  Professor Koricheva (EEB)
Liu, Yueqiao  Dr Soloviev (BMS)
Loudya, Naresh  Dr Lopez (PMS)
March, James  Dr Popplewell (BMS)
Marsh, Jade  Dr Alifragis (BMS)
Martin, Callum  Professor Brown (EEB)
Moore, Marc Professor Dickson (BMS)
Nohl, Rebecca Professor Fraser (PMS)
Oddy, Joseph Professor Williams (BMS)
Olivieri, Leone Professor Gange (EEB)
Orman, Katherine Dr Bindscledler (PMS) 
Perry, Christopher                               Professor Williams (BMS)
Prakash, Versha Professor Yanez (BMS)
Price, Elliot Professor Fraser (PMS)
Rapacz, Elzbieta Professor Fraser (PMS)       
Rhodes, Bruce Dr Devlin (PMS)
Richardson, Martin Dr Morritt (EEB)
Russell, Timothy Dr Ubeda (EEB)
Sada, Charif  Professor Sharma (BMS)
Samuelson, Elizabeth Dr Leadbeater (EEB)
Sankey, Daniel Dr Portugal (EEB)
Sangha, Amninder Dr Popplewell (BMS)
Santi, Francesco Dr Riesch (EEB)
Sethw-Hassan, Qistina Dr Chen (BMS)
Sharma, Devdutt                        Professor Williams (BMS)
Siviter, Harry Dr Leadbeater (EEB)
Stace, Nicholas Dr Lopez (PMS)
Taibi Metran, Karima Dr Soloviev (BMS)
Varia, Sonal Professor Gange (EEB)
Walkington, Sarah Professor Brown (EEB)
Warren, Eleanor Professor Williams (BMS)
Wood, Suzy Professor Gange (EEB)    
Wright, Shaun Professor Jansen (EEB)


Emeritus and visiting staff


Job title

Robert B Angus

Emeritus Reader in Entomology

Philip W Beesley

Emeritus Professor of Molecular Neuroscience

Peter M Bramley

Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry

Clive Catchpole

Emeritus Professor of Animal Behaviour

Prakash M Dey

Emeritus Reader in Plant Biology

John Lewis

Emeritus Professor of Zoology

Brian W Ferry

 Visiting Senior Lecturer

Don McGregor

Visiting Lecturer

Paul Finch

Honorary Research Fellow

Philip Bearn

 Consultant Colorectal and General Surgeon

Peter Gardner

 Academic Visitor

Riyaz Kaba

 Consultant Cardiologist

Arshad Khaleel

Trauma and Orthopaedics Consultant

Shaheen Khazali

Consultant Gynaecologist

Gulam Patel

Consultant Rheumatologist

Peter Reynolds

Consultant Neonatologist and Paediatrician

John Bryden

External PhD Supervisor

Thang Han

Honorary Lecturer

Tasmin Patel

Research Fellow

Sapna Sharma

Research Academic

Alistair Griffiths

External PhD Supervisor

Marianne Illsley

Consultant Clinical Oncologist/ Medical Director

David Stock

Honorary Lecturer

Wolfgang Stuppy

Honorary Lecturer

John Prebble

Honorary Fellow of Royal Holloway



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