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A Changed society

 The admittance of men and greater social facilities and freedoms must certainly have encouraged a decline in the popular perception that the College had been rather like a glorified boarding school up to this point.

Rosie's Room


(Acc 15/06)

“The evening is given up to talking, drinking, ‘going for a pint’, - to the pub in Egham or Englefield Green. On most evenings they get together in somebody’s room and talk and drink. A local off-licence does a ‘really good cheap red wine which everybody drinks’. At present she and her boyfriend have ‘a bottle of brandy on the go’.” - Interview with Louise Woods (pseudonym), RHC student c. 1970 (reminiscences collected by Caroline Bingham - RHC RF/132/8)

The 1960s saw the arrival of a different type of student to the lady pioneers of the late nineteenth century as shown by a quiz in the student magazine, 'Chateau, in 1968.

What sort of Hollowegian are you?

To find out answer these questions:

1. In the morning do you first:



a) empty your hot water bottle

b) call your friends

c) Oversleep               

2. Do you arrive at lectures:



a) with an alert mind

b) With pencil and paper

c) rarely?

3. When you have a 'boog'* meal do you: 



a) wish portions were larger

b) take chips with macaroni

c) wish you hadn't? 

4. Is your room decorated with: 



a) a work timetable

b) colour supplement cut-outs

c) mess and disorder? 

5. Do you think:



a) Bonnie and Clyde is a film about Scotland

b) First-year students are allowed cars

c) the Perfumed Garden is a reference book?

6. Do you wear:



a) generousy pleated skirts

b) stretch ski pants and anoraks/college scarf and duffle coat

c) false and eyelashes and boots

7. Before going to bed do you take



a) warmed milk

b) coffee and marvel

c) the pill? 

 Score 3 marks for each (a), 2 for each (b), 1 for each (c). 

21 or over: A perferct replacement for the Statue of Ladie Holloway 
       15-20: Your academic career is assured 
         8-14:   You do have an academic life but men are of course your major interest.
              7: Do you know where the library is? If not apply Kingswood, Shoreditch, or Glanty**  

* Catering Officer

** Male halls of residence


Chateau, 22nd February, 1968 (RHC AS/200/46)


The lists of interests given in this regular feature indicate that students had a social and cultural awareness that extended far beyond the College walls.


(RHC AS/200/49)

The loss of inhibitions that defined the 1960s led to a loss of rigid decorum that had largely been sustained up to this point.


“On Saturday, March 2nd, a sausage was viciously hurled from a West III window in a demoniacal attempt to assassinate the Principal.” -

Chateau, March 14th, 1968 (RHC/AS/200/49)


Whilst the decline of the Victorian household had its great social bonuses, it entailed a decline in the sense of community. An article in Chateau in 1968 expressed a desire to improve student-staff relationships by extending more invitations to staff for social event, society meetings and sports activities. Hence, whilst the modernisation of the College from the 1960s led to the decline of some of the more arcane traditions and regulations, sustaining a sense of community at the College was and still is, seen as key to its functioning. 


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