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Academic gains recognition for her first research monograph

Posted on 30/03/2011

Jessica Jacobs, a research fellow within the Geography Department at Royal Holloway, University of London, has had her first book nominated for the prestigious Geographical Perspectives on Women Book Event on 11 April in Seattle.

Entitled ‘Sex, Tourism and the Postcolonial Encounter: Landscapes of Longing in Egypt’, the book questions previous assumptions about women and sex tourism.

It explores how the tourist resorts act as an intermediary space between the deliberate positioning of the ‘third world’ resorts and the modernity only found in the west, and is based around a series of interviews with men and women within the tourist resort of Sinai, Egypt.

Dr Jacobs said that the book’s perspective on female sex tourism is that there is a romance, but it is not just with the men but also with imaginations of the landscape’s varying degrees of modernity.

Dr Jacobs started her PhD research after witnessing such relationships in Egypt which did not fit into the ‘normal’ pattern of sex tourism.

She explains: “When people think of sex tourism they tend to associate it with the beach resorts of the Caribbean and make assumptions about the racial lines of the relationship.This book conveys the temporal and geographical element of sexualised ethnic encounters in tourism, exploring the difference between men and women; as well as between the global north and the global south.”

Dr Jacobs said that she was “very pleased” with the nomination and recognition of her first research monograph, especially as the conference, run by the Association of American Geographers who are the largest international geographical body with over 10,000 members, attracts delegates from more than 60 countries around the world.


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