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Who's who


Professor Paul Layzell


Professor Paul Layzell is the Principal of Royal Holloway, University of London. He joined the College on 16 August 2010.

Previously Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sussex, Professor Layzell is a distinguished software engineering researcher. He has written extensively on software development methods and most recently published papers contributing to the foundations of service-oriented and ‘cloud’ computing. 

After serving as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Resources at UMIST, Professor Layzell was appointed Programme Manager for the UMIST-Manchester merger, a three-year project culminating in the creation of the new University of Manchester in 2004. He was subsequently appointed Vice-President for University Development, before moving to the University of Sussex in 2006.

He is Chair of AQA, one of the UK’s largest examination boards and also Chair of Eduserv, an educational charity.

Executive Assistant to the Principal: Finuala Shearman|

Tel: 01784 443033

Professor Rob Kemp

Professor Rob Kemp is the Deputy Principal and he is responsible for Planning, Resources and partnerships.

RobKempHe joined the Geography Department at Royal Holloway in 1989, was promoted to Professor of Physical Geography in 1999 and was Head of the 5* RAE- rated department from 2001-04. He became Vice-Principal (Academic Affairs) on 1 August 2006, Deputy Principal in 2008 and was Acting Principal from August 2009 until August 2010.

Active in research, Professor Kemp has been concerned with a range of soil-related issues spanning agriculture, sports pitch management and quaternary science. Recent Leverhulme and National Environmental Research Council (NERC) funded projects have focused on the role of soils in providing information on landscape development, climatic change and pre-Hispanic human activity in South America.

Professor Kemp has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Quaternary Research Center at the University of Washington and is closely involved with the Centre for Quaternary Research at Royal Holloway.

Personal Assistant to the Deputy Principal: Pam Kaur|

Tel: 01784 276429


Professor Rosemary Deem

 RosemaryDeemRosemary Deem is Vice-Principal (Education) and Professor of Higher Education Management. She was previously Dean of History and Social Sciences. Before joining Royal Holloway in 2009, she was Professor of Education at Bristol University. 

An Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, Professor Deem is a sociologist who has also worked at Lancaster & the Open Universities and North Staffordshire Polytechnic. She directed the Education Subject Centre ESCalate (2001-2004), has been an RAE sub-panellist (1996, 2001, 2008) twice chaired the British Sociological Association and was Vice-Chair of the Society for Research into Higher Education (2007-2009). She is an Editorial Board member of The Sociological Review, Studies in Higher Education, Equal Opportunities International, Higher Education and Higher Education Quarterly. Her research interests include higher education policy, management, leadership and governance, public sector organisations and equality in educational settings. 

Her Vice-Principal responsibilities include teaching, learning and assessment strategy/policy and quality assurance for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Personal Assistant to Professor Deem: Christine Brown|

Tel: 01784 276171

Listen to a podcast| of Professor Rosemary Deem’s 2010 Inaugural Lecture “The 21st century University – dilemmas of leadership and organisational futures”


Professor Paul Hogg 

PaulHoggVP Professor Paul Hogg is the Vice-Principal (Research and Enterprise) and Dean of Science. He joined Royal Holloway in April 2012 from the University of Manchester where he was the Head of the School of Materials.

Professor Hogg is a leading international figure in the field of advanced materials with a sustained track record for research in fibre reinforced composite materials, specialising in recent years in aerostructures and wind turbines. At Manchester he established the National Composites Certification and Evaluation Facility, the Manchester University Technology Centre for Materials with Aviation Industries of China, and the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing of Composites, with the Universities of Nottingham, Cranfield and Bristol.

Before joining Manchester in 2008, Professor Hogg spent 24 years at Queen Mary, University of London where he became the Head of the Department of Materials and in 2006 established Nanoforce, the University’s spin out company for nanomaterials funded by a £2.8 grant from DTi/LDA.

He served on the Metallurgy and Materials sub panel for RAE in 2007 and is currently the vice Chairman of sub panel 13, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials, in the current REF exercise. He is a Visiting Professor at Harbin Institute of Technology and Beihang University in China.

Professor Hogg’s main focus is the REF in 2014, and he is leading research to hold and build on our position as one of the world’s premier research institutions.

Personal Assistant to Professor Hogg: Tel: 01784 414147


KatieNormingtonProfessor Katie Normington

Katie is Vice Principal for Staffing (since January 2013) and Executive Dean of Arts and Social Science (from 2008).

She is a Professor and previous Head of Department of Drama and joined Royal Holloway as a Lecturer from Greenwich University in 1997. Her research focuses on theatre history – in particular medieval English drama and contemporary theatre. She has published four authored books in these areas. She is currently co-editing a collection of writings on medieval performance for Ashgate due to be published in 2014. She continues to write articles within the field.

The Faculty of Arts and Social Science is the largest of three faculties and spans areas of creative practice, traditional humanities, social science and vocational courses. Katie has sat on project boards for the new Caryl Churchill theatre and the Boilerhouse lecture theatre as well as chairing cross College groups concerned with the Cultural Olympiad, the hosting of athletes at Royal Holloway in 2012, and now the preparations for the celebration of Magna Carta 2015. As Vice Principal for Staff she chairs the College’s Equality and Diversity Steering group, oversees the developments of academic promotion schemes and other HR policies.

Personal Assistant to Katie Normington: Christine Brown|

Tel: 01784 276171  

Bobo'keefeProfessor Bob O'Keefe

Bob is Vice-Principal for External Engagement, and Dean of the Faculty of Management & Economics, at Royal Holloway and Bedford New College, University of London.

Bob was previously Dean of the Faculty of Management & Law at the University of Surrey,  Professor of Information Management at Brunel University, and an associate of Henley Management College. He has also held a position at Virginia Tech, USA, and was a tenured faculty member at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA.

As Professor of Information Management, Bob conducts research at the intersection of Information Systems, consumer behaviour and human-computer interaction, particularly where users have to interact with complex models. He was the Co-Editor of the European Journal of Information Systems from 2000 through 2005, and his work has appeared in Management Science, Operations Research, the Information Systems Journal, Decision Support Systems, the Journal of Retailing and the Journal of Business Research, plus various ACM and IEEE Transactions

As Dean, Bob is responsible for the School of Management, the Department of Economics, and the Centre for Criminology & Sociology, which together total approximately 110 academic staff. As Vice-Principal, he has oversight for a number of externally related activities such as the services and processes related to employability, student volunteering, and certain regional activities. He also undertakes College roles, as determined by the Principal, in various activities including project boards and international engagement. For example, he is currently Chair of the project board for the College’s new finance system. Bob has experience with educational joint-ventures in China, and delivery of programmes in Hong Kong, Europe, and elsewhere. He also holds a Visiting Chair at the University of Sydney Business School.

Personal Assistant to Bob o'Keefe:  Suzie Breton|

 Tel: 01784 276318


Dean of Arts and Social Sciences: Professor Katie Normington

Dean of Management and Economics:  Professor Bob O'Keefe 

Dean of Science: Professor Paul Hogg,

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences contains a unique combination of creative arts and humanities disciplines.

Our impressive range of academic resources, stimulating research, cultural opportunities and links with creative industries provides a dynamic platform for developing the talents of a vibrant community of  staff and students from around the world. 

Scholars within the faculty are world-class researchers, and this expertise is used within their teaching. It is possible to study for either single subject degrees or a combination of joint degrees across the faculty.

The departments frequently review the courses on offer to ensure that their curricula are innovative. Optional units allow for students to develop particular strengths and to be taught by experts within the field. 

If you are interested in joining the Faculty as a research student or member of staff, you may like to browse our research support page| for a taste of some of the ways in which the Faculty supports researchers.

Professor Katie Normington


Dean of Arts and Social Sciences:    Professor Katie Normington|

(For appointments please email:  Christine Brown| or call 01784 276171)

Associate Dean (Research):  Professor Barry Langford|

Associate Dean (Education):  Dr Alex Windscheffel|

Faculty Manager:  Jane Gawthrope|

Assistant Registrar:  Charlotte Verney|

Faculty of Management and Economics

Professor Bob O'Keefe is Vice-Principal (External Engagement) and Dean of Management and Economics.

The dynamic Department of Economics and the School of Management at Royal Holloway provide an influential platform for first class research, teaching and consultancy.

Our ethos is built around our commitment to furthering knowledge at undergraduate and postgraduate level, stimulated by original research and effective collaborations with local and international businesses, governments and public services. 

We aim to provide an understanding of the modern world and equip students with the skills  necessary to succeed in the careers of the future.  Our diverse programmes of undergraduate and postgraduate study are taught by world-class researchers and experts within the field.

The Departments of Economics and the School of Management were listed in the top 20 rankings following the latest Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008).

Professor Bob O'Keefe


Dean of Management  and Economics:  Professor Bob O'Keefe  |

(For appointments please email:  Ben Credland| or call 01784 414627)

Associate Dean (Research):  Professor Andy Mountford  |

Associate Dean (Education):  Dr Derrick Chong|

Senior Executive Officer: Ben Credland  |

Assistant Registrars:  Gail Turner|

Faculty of Science

Royal Holloway is one of the major colleges in which the University of London has chosen to concentrate its science teaching and research. This is reflected by the Science Faculty's excellent results in the Government's teaching and research assessment exercises and in the calibre of our students, staff and cutting-edge research activities.

On the basis of world-leading and  internationally excellent research (4* and 3* standard) four of the departments in the Faculty of  Science achieved top 10 rankings for their discipline across all universities in the UK in the latest Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008).

In all areas of our research we aim to advance knowledge and its application to improve the quality of life. We believe that a dynamic research environment is essential in maintaining academic excellence at all levels and this provides a very strong base for further research growth.

Professor Paul Hogg


Dean of Science:    Professor Paul Hogg|

For appointments, please contact:  Dawn Charles| on 01784 414147

Associate Dean (Education) : Professor Patrick Leman|

Associate Dean (Research): Dr Pedro Teixeira-Dias|

Faculty Manager:   Dr Barbara Davis|

Assistant Registrars:  Paul Phillips| and Alex Elbourn|

Directors, Professional Services

Registrar and Director of Operations/College Secretary : Simon Higman|

Academic Registrar:  Anna Sendall|

Campus Services: Mel Loizou|

Careers:  Liz Wilkinson|

Communication and External Relations:  Helen Coleman|

Estates:  Stephen Bland|

Finance:  Graeme Robinson|

Human Resources:  Cheryl Newsome|

Deputy Registrar/Information Technology/Registry:  Laura Gibbs|

Library Services: John Tuck|

Research and Enterprise: Tony Greenwood|

Royal Holloway International: Sheryl Simon|

Strategic Development: Julia Roberts|


Students' Union

President 2013-14: Amarbeer Singh Gill|

Vice-President (Communications and Campaigns) 2013-14: Jamie Green|

Vice-President (Education and Welfare) 2013-14: Sidonie Bertrand Shelton|

Vice-President (Student Activities) 2013-14: Ian Stewart|



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