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Louisa Garrett Anderson, 1973 to 1943

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Louisa Garrett Anderson, 1973 to 1943

Bedford College alumna, 1890

Dr. Louisa Garrett Anderson, CBE was a medical pioneer, a member of the Women's Social and Political Union, a suffragette, and social reformer.

Daughter of the founding medical pioneer Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and niece of British suffragist, Dame Millicent Gareett Fawcett, Anderson was the Chief Surgeon of the Women's Hospital Corps (WHC) and a Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine.

Throughout her early life, Anderson became very frustrated by the lack of progress in getting the vote and in 1907 she joined the Women’s Social & Political Union (WSPU). In 1910 she made up a delegation with her mother and English philosopher, Alfred Caldecott, for women to have the vote, and were allowed to put forward the case to the Prime Minister.

In March 1912 Anderson was arrested and sentenced to six weeks in Holloway Prison for her involvement in the WSPU’s campaign that involved a large-scale smashing of shop-windows. She was also involved with running a nursing home where WSPU recovered from hunger strikes along with fellow Bedford College alumna, Flora Murray.


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