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Beatrice Harraden, 1864 to 1936

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Beatrice Harraden, 1864 to 1936

Bedford College alumna, 1885 and former College governor

Beatrice Harraden found fame with her debut novel 'Ships That Pass in the Night' (1893), a love story set in a tuberculosis sanatorium.

In 1905 Beatrice joined the Women’s Social and Political Union alongside fellow alumnae members Anne Sanderson-Cobden, Emily Wilding Davison and Louisa Garrett Anderson, and worked diligently for women’s rights, participating and speaking at Union public meetings and contributing regularly to the journal 'Votes for Women'. She left the WSPU during its arson campaign in 1912, becoming concerned about the health of those who partook in hunger-strikes whilst in prison.


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