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Barbara Bodichon, 1827 to 1891

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Barbara Bodichon, 1827 to 1891

Bedford College alumna, 1849

Shortly after finishing her studies at Bedford College, Barbara Bodichon and a group of London friends began to meet regularly to discuss women's rights. One of the first organised women’s movements in Britain, the group became known as 'The Ladies of Langham Place'.

In 1866, Bodichon formed the first ever Women's Suffrage Committee and the women’s suffrage petition they organised was presented on their behalf by John Stuart Mill, member of the Liberal party, to the House of Commons.

Many of Bodichon’s speeches on women’s suffrage throughout the country converted women to the cause and she also wrote and published a series of pamphlets on the subject. Her primary focus was the women’s suffrage campaign, but she also continued her efforts to improve women's education.


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