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Digital Forest

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  • Date 24 Apr - 14 Jul 2018
  • Time 9:00-17:00
  • Category Exhibition and art

Digital Forest, a new installation by media artist Madi Boyd forms part of an ongoing collaboration between the artist and cognitive scientist Professor Polly Dalton.

Boyd’s multi-sensory moving image installation is informed by the latest attention research – in particular, the notion that the ‘soft fascination’ provided by natural environments can restore people’s mental resources, helping them to focus their attention.

Sculptural forms, tactile encounters and multiple projections, while not mimicking a forest directly, create a ‘natural’ environment within a constructed performative space.

In this way visitors to Digital Forest are not only offered a complex and compelling indoor experience but also one that engages attention in ways that are similar to natural environments, using light, sound, motion and texture. Indeed as well as being ‘art’ in its own right, the work will function as a research environment, hosting a series of scientific experiments to investigate the potential restorative effects of installation art.


If you have any questions please email Harriet O'Neill or call +44 (0)1784 276267

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