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Transitions in NHS management: taking the long view

Team: Dr Mark Exworthy, Dr Fraser MacFarlane (School of Management, Surrey University) and Micky Willmott

This project seeks to explore how NHS administrators-turned-managers have interpreted and (re-)invented themselves during their own career and in the face of the changing political / organizational context. Capturing the narratives of administrators and managers will illuminate how the actions and agency of managers is shaped and constrained by prevailing policies. This will document what the key managerial policies were but will also look at how key individuals interpret their own actions in response to these policies. This project will also seek to capture the manager s narrative of unfolding health management and policy and its implementation. It will explore how senior managers, and the organizations that they have led, have coped with constant change and examine whether there are some generalisable approaches to deal with this. The project will contribute towards the Darzi Review in terms of management capability, capacity and engagement.


» NHS management: 60 years of transition (summary)

» Health Service Journal "Managers show their worth" (media coverage)


The Nuffield Trust for reserch and policy studies in health services

Funded by The Nuffield Trust (2008-9)