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CPSP Director moves to Birmingham

Prof. Mark Exworthy, former Director of the CPSP, left Royal Holloway in December 2013 and is now working for Birmingham University.

3rd January 2014

Report on the myths of global medical tourism published

» Researchers warn of the ‘myths’ of global medical tourism (co-authored by Prof. Mark Exworthy)

5th November 2013

Public reporting of clinical performance

CPSP members Prof. Mark Exworthy and Prof. Jonathan Gabe comment in the Health Service Journal on the announcement that public reporting would be introduced in 10 surgical sub-specialties in England.
» Will publishing surgeon performance improve outcomes?

28th June 2013

Transparency in the NHS

Guardian letter co-authored by Prof. Mark Exworthy and Prof. Jonathan Gabe published in response to article on "Transparency in the NHS not only saves lives – it is a fundamental human right".
» The limits of NHS transparency

18th March 2013

NIHR SDO report on talent management in the NHS workforce published

Report co-authored by Prof. Mark Exworthy published.
» Talent Management in the NHS Managerial Workforce (PDF) | Research project details

CPSO changes name to CPSP

The Centre for Public Services Organisations (CPSO) has changed its name to the Centre for Public Services and Policy (CPSP).

New book on shaping health policy published

Prof. Mark ExworthyCo-edited by Prof. Mark Exworthy (pictured right), Shaping health policy Case study methods and analysis examines the role that case studies play in understanding and explaining British health policy. Overall it covers the key health policy literatures in terms of the policy process, analytical frameworks and some of the seminal moments of the NHS.
» Shaping health policy (publisher's website)

2nd November 2011

OECD report on international trade in health services

Co-authored by Dr Mark Exworthy, this report was published on 20th September 2011.
» Medical Tourism: Treatments, Markets and Health System Implications: A scoping review

21st October 2011

'Managing medical performance' featured by ESRC as impact case study

A recent study into cardiac surgery mortality rates has been featured by the ESRC as an 'impact case study'. Co-funded by the ESRC Public Services Programme and the General Medical Council, Dr Mark Exworthy and Professor Jonathan Gabe from Royal Holloway, plus Ian Rees Jones from Bangor University, explored the impact of disclosure of death rates on cardiac surgeons in 2009. » Managing medical performance | ESRC case study

17th March 2011

Public Sector Budget Cuts and NHS Reform

In The Guardian Dr Mark Exworthy talks about how the option of healthcare organisations, such as Primary Care Trusts, to look to a regional system of brokerage that balanced out areas of surplus and deficit – allowing the NHS to claim it had balanced the books – is increasingly no longer available. » Manhandling the budget

22nd February 2011

Spanish Ministry of Health Lists Working Paper as Recommended Reading

Dr Eivor ObornIn its September online news bulletin The Spanish Ministry of Health has recently included a RHUL Working Paper in a list of 5 recommended readings: September 2010 Newsletter. The working paper was written by Aris Komporozos-Athanasiou, Eivor Oborn, Michael Barrett & Yolande Chan and it's title is 'Policy-Making as a Struggle for Meaning: Disentangling Knowledge Translation Across International Health Contexts'. Download a copy of the paper in full here » School of Management Working Paper 1005.

28th October 2010

Dr Mark Exworthy Involved in New Research on Medical Tourism

A major new 18-month study, funded by the National Institute for Health Research, will examine the motives people have for travelling across national boundaries to receive treatments such as dental services, elective surgery for hip or joint replacement, cosmetic surgery and fertility treatment. Led by Dr Neil Lunt of the York Management School, the research team includes the CPSO's Dr Mark Exworthy. » Read more about the study

28th October 2010

Details of 2010 CPSO Annual lecture Announced

This next CPSO Annual Lecture will be held on Thursday 4th November at 6pm. The speaker is Lord Nigel Crisp, KCB, former CEO of the NHS and Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health. » 2010 Annual Lecture details

21st July 2010

NICE Group Looking at Preventing Obesity Appoints Dr Mark Exworthy

Dr Mark ExworthyDr Mark Exworthy has recently been appointed by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence; which makes judgments about the effectiveness of health-care technologies in England and Wales) to become a member of the Public Health Programme Development Group for the NICE guidance on "Preventing Obesity: a whole-system approach". Its work will continue from summer 2010 until 2011, and is likely to have a high profile as its guidance emerges: a recent Daily Mail article "Fat tax on junk food" reported that the Food Standards Agency is planning to consult on whether such taxes would help make people eat healthier food. » About NICE public health guidance

18th May 2010

Final Report on NHS Decentralisation and Performance Published

The findings of a three-year SDO-funded study examining the impact of decentralisation upon the performance of 'local health economies' has just been published: Decentralisation and Performance: Autonomy and Incentives in Local Health Economies The Chief Investigator was the CPSO's Dr Mark Exworthy. » More about this project

30th March 2010

Research Findings from Two CPSO Medical Performance Management Projects Published

Findings from two projects CPSO members were involved in have been published online. The projects were: Managing medical performance: the impact on clinicians and organisations and The Visible and Invisible Performance Effects of Transparency in Medical Professional Regulation.

9th March 2010

Vodafone Invites Dr Exworthy to Discussion on the Future of Health

Dr Mark ExworthyDr Mark Exworthy has been invited by Vodafone to join an event as part of their sponsorship of a programme called Future Agenda: a unique cross-discipline programme which aims to unite the best minds from around the globe to address the greatest challenges of the next decade. The event on the 4th February is a roundtable discussion on 'The Future of Health'. Dr Exworthy is Director of the CPSO, and Deputy Director of the Institute for Leadership and Management in Health.

19th January 2010

Details of Next Leadership Forum Announced

The Leadership Forum is an initiative of the Institute of Leadership and Management in Health (ILMH) and is designed to be an informal network for NHS managers, clinicians and researchers. This next forum will be held on Thursday 3rd December at 5.30pm at Kingston University Business School. The subject will be "Clinical Leadership" and will consist of talks from two local NHS chief executives (see our events page for more details).

6th November 2009

NHS Management: 60 Years of Transition

Dr Mark Exworthy, Dr Fraser Macfarlane (Surrey University) and Micky Willmott (independent researcher) have conducted a study of the changing role of NHS managers. The research was prompted by the 25th anniversary of the Griffiths Report which formally introduced management into the NHS in the 1980s but also by a concern that regular re-organisations (creating a more diverse health-care environment) were harming the NHS's ability to learn from the past, especially regards the management of services. The research took a long-term perspective by conducting in-depth interviews with managers who had over 25 years experience in the NHS. It concluded that managers are an established interest group in the NHS but there is a danger that frequent structural reforms are eroding the organisational memory of the NHS. If so, the NHS is in danger of failing to learn from its own history. The research was funded by the Nuffield Trust.
» Project summary PDF document
Media coverage: Health Service Journal "Managers show their worth"

3rd November 2009

Report on Statutory Regulation and Professional Practice Released

'Statutory Regulation and the Future of Professional Practice in Psychotherapy and Counselling' was produced by the following CPSO members and associates: Dr Gerry McGivern, Dr Michael Fischer and Prof Ewan Ferlie, Department of Management, King’s College London, and Dr Mark Exworthy, School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London.

This report is based on a research project funded by the GMC/ESRC Public Services Programme entitled 'The Visible and Invisible Performance Effects of Transparency in Professional regulation'. The research compared the effects of regulation for doctors with developing regulation for psychotherapists and counsellors.

20th October 2009

SDO Management Fellowship Award

Professor Christine Edwards, Dr Stephen Gourlay and a team of researchers from the Institute of Leadership and Management in Health have been successful in securing a management fellowship award (£61,000) attached to their SDO research grant investigating health manager’s information seeking behaviour.

The funding body is the NHS’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and this project is as part of its Service Delivery and Organisation Research and Development Programme (SDO).

24th June 2009

Research by Glenn Smith Hits the Headlines

A study by Professor Michael King of University College London, and the CPSO's Glenn Smith (second author) received a lot of media attention in March. The research found roughly one in six mental health professionals had agreed to help at least one patient "reduce" their gay or lesbian feelings, despite there being no evidence that such methods work. Links:
BBC News
The Guardian
The Independent
Daily Telegraph

BMJ Publishes Letter by CPSO's Glenn Smith on Happiness Networks

'Happiness networks: What about social politics?' written by Dr Glenn Smith was recently published in a January issue of the BMJ (Vol 338, No 7689). In his letter he argues, "Happiness research that attempts to find generalisations about happiness will ultimately cause some people to be unhappy and marginalized and will not challenge inherent assumptions about what makes people happy, what is happiness, and who is happy in society or, indeed, who is happy alone." » Read the letter in full

New Leadership Forum for Managers and Clinicians

As part of the Institute of Leadership and Management in Health (ILMH), a Leadership Forum has been formed to engage practising managers and clinicians in contemporary issues in health care delivery and practice. On 15/04/08 the inaugural Leadership Forum meeting was held, with a talk given by Julie Dent on 'The future of clinical leadership'.

CPSO Joined by New Staff Members

Dr Eivor Oborn joins as Lecturer in Public Management from Imperial College London. With a PhD from the Judge Business School (Cambridge University) and recent research with Professor Lord Ara Darzi, she will be involved with teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as continuing her research on organisational change in healthcare.

Dr. Glenn Smith joins CPSO as Senior Research Fellow, also from Imperial College London. With a PhD from Queen Mary, University of London and extensive research experience, he will be involved in conducting the research associated with the ESRC Public Services Programme project (led by Dr. Exworthy, ) “Managing medical performance” which is examining the impact of publishing clinical performance of cardiac surgery at St George’s Hospital, south London.

New Research Explores How NHS Managers Have Adapted to Change

Dr Mark Exworthy (with Dr. Fraser MacFarlane from Surrey University) is undertaking a project funded by the Nuffield Trust, which seeks to explore how NHS administrators-turned-managers interpreted and re-invented themselves in the face of the changing political / organizational context. » Transitions in NHS management: taking the long view