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Date Time Place Title Speaker
Wed 5th December 2007 12.30- 2pm MB3 (workshop at 1pm) "Leadership and Better Patient Care: From Idea to Practice"
Abstract & video | Slides PowerPoint
Professor Yiannis Gabriel,
Royal Holloway, University of London
Wed 21st November 2007 12.30 - 2pm Moore Building Atrium (lunch), MB3 (workshop at 1pm) "Time and biomedical innovation: commodification, colonization and conflict."
Abstract | Slides PowerPoint
Professor Maxine Robertson
Queen Mary, University of London
Wed 14th November 2007 12.30 - 2pm Moore Building Atrium (lunch), MB3 (workshop at 1pm) "Professions and the pursuit of transparency: two cases of professional involvement"
Abstract | Paper | Slides
Charlotta Levay and Dr Caroline Waks,
Uppsala University, Sweden
Mon 5th November 2007 5.15 - 8pm Main Lecture Theatre, Founder's Building CPSO Annual Lecture
"Public Service Reform – Continuity and Change"
Professor Sue Richards, National School of Government & University of Birmingham
Weds 31st October 2007 12 - 2pm Windsor Auditorium Southwest London Academic Network Roadshow
Staff and students at all level are welcome to attend, and in all disciplines with potential bioscience connections.
Part of a range of lunchtime Roadshow events across Kingston, Royal Holloway and St George's about research and teaching opportunities within the three institutes - Biomedical and Life Sciences, Leadership and Management, and the Interprofessional Institute (Health and Social Care).
Tues 4th & Weds 5th September 2007 4pm + dinner (Tues)
9am - 4pm (Weds)
SOAS, Brunei Gallery SDO Networks and Governance Research Workshop
Presentations and participants' details
Prof. Ewan Ferlie (CPSO Director), Nick Goodwin (LSHTM), Dr Mark Exworthy (RHUL), and Prof. Huw Davies (St Andrews)
Wed 21st March 2007 12.30pm MB7 "The development of research activity in general practice: case studies in the diffusion and spread of innovation in the public sector"
Abstract Word document
Dr Fraser Macfarlane, University of Surrey
Wed 7th March 2007 12.30 - 2pm MB7 "Theorization in Processes of Institutional Change: Controversies Around Health Centres in the Reform of a Health Care Field"
Abstract Word document
Prof Finn Borum, Copenhagen Business School
Wed 28th February 2007 12.30 - 2pm MB7 "Information technology and public service delivery: An empirical investigation in Italian municipal governments"
Abstract Word document | Slides
Dr Greta Nasi, Bocconi University, Italy
Thu 15th February 2007 5.30pm MLT, Founder's Building CPSO Annual Lecture
"Choice in Healthcare: who wants it and why?"
Abstract Word document
Professor Angela Coulter, Chief Executive, Picker Institute
(Followed by a reception in the Picture Gallery)
Wed 13th December 2006 12.30-1.45pm Horton 321 "Choice, Public Provision & DRGs: 10 Years of Quasi Market in the Italian Healthcare System "
Abstract Word document
Dr Giovani Fattore, Bocconi University, Italy
Wed 29th November 2006 12.30-1.45pm Horton 321 "Networks in Public Services Require Networked HR: A Strategic Opportunity for the HR Function?"
Abstract Word document
Dr Graham Currie, Nottingham Business School
Wed 18th October 2006 12.30-1.45pm Horton 321 "Addressing Sustainability though Local Government Procurement"
Abstract PDF | Slides PowerPoint
Dr Lutz Preuss, School of Management, RHUL
Wed 3rd May 2006 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "NHS Reforms: four archetypes?"
Chris Howorth, School of Management, RHUL
Wed 8th March 2006 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "Hybrids, networks and organizational change: facilitating change in complex organizations"
Abstract PDF | Slides PowerPoint
Prof Louise Fitzgerald, De Montfort University
Wed 15th February 2006 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "Decentralisation and Performance" Mark Exworthy, School of Management, RHUL
Wed 13th December 2005 12.30-1.45pm MX01 CPSO Annual Lecture "Securing Good Health for the Whole Population - What should the Government do?"
Abstract Word document | Slides PowerPoint
Sir Derek Wanless
Wed 30th November 2005 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "An Evaluation of Learning in the CALM (Coaching, Action Learning & Mentoring) Network for Higher Education (West London)"
Abstract PDF | Slides PowerPoint
Jo Tait, Open University
Wed 19th October 2005 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "Steering and Control in two education departments"
Abstract PDF | Slides PowerPoint
Dr Gloria Agyemang , School of Management, RHUL
Wed 9th
March 2005
12.30-1.45pm MX01 "The New Public Management and Managerial Roles: the Case of the Police Sergeant"
Abstract PDF
Professor Christine Edwards - Business School, Kingston University
Wed 23rd February 2005 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "Explaining Underperformance and Turnaround: Evidence From Longitudinal Research in Local Authorities"
Abstract PDF | Slides PowerPoint | Figure 3 PDF
Professor Chris Skelcher and Dr. Pauline Jas - Institute of Local
Government, Birmingham University
Wed 26th January 2005 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "The Dilution of a Managerial Technique: The Case of Clinical Networks
in the NHS"
Abstract PDF | Slides PowerPoint
Rachael Addicott, CPSO - School of Management, RHUL
Wed 17th November 2004 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "Doctor Knows Best? Performance Indicators in Clinical Practice"
Abstract PDF
Dr. Mark Exworthy, School of Management, Royal Holloway University of London
Wed 3rd November 2004 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "Organisational Turnaround: Lessons from a study of 'Failing' Health Care Providers in England"
Abstract PDF | Slides PowerPoint
Dr. Naomi Fulop, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
Wed 20th October 2004 12.30-1.45pm MX01 "Reflecting on Practice and Playing the Tick Box Game: Colonising Accountability, Phronetic Knowing Lifeworlds and the Appraisal of Medical Professionals"
Abstract PDF
Gerry McGivern, Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London
Wed 11th February 2004 12.30-13.45pm MX34 "Whatever Happened to Public Management? Governance, Governance Everywhere"
Abstract PDF
Prof. H. George Frederickson,
University of Kansas and Visiting Professor, Balliol College, Oxford
Tues 3rd February 2004 12.30-13.45pm IN244 "New Genetic Technologies – The Creation and Dissemination of Knowledge"
Slides PowerPoint
Sue Dopson - Vice President, Templeton College Oxford

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