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The Centre for Public Services Organisations

"Privacy management and patient information flow in the Extended Choice Network: a sociological exploration of the professional-technological interface"

Dr Iain Crinson, Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Health and Health Policy, St George's Medical School, London


This presentation examines our understanding of the human actor side of the socio-technical study of organisations (specifically information security ). It is drawn from a specific piece of organisational research funded by the EPSRC and conducted with the ISG at Royal Holloway. The project is concerned with the flow of medical records (both electronic and paper) as they move across healthcare organisational boundaries (both public and private) and the related privacy and health professional consent attitudes and behaviours across this flow.

Time and Location

Date: Weds 18th Nov 2009

Time: 1pm (N.B. changed from 12.30)

Venue: Arts Building ABG003