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Date Time Place Title Speaker
01/05/13 1pm   Research Seminar: Making wicked problems governable? Prof. Ewan Ferlie, Department of Management, Kings College London
06/06/13 10am - 5.30pm RHUL CPSP One Day Symposium:
Public Service Professions and Technology 

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Speakers: Mike Chiasson, Charlotta Levay, Gerry Mcgivern, Daniel Muzio, Mirko Noordegraaf, Thanos Papadopolous, Cathy Pope & Raffaella Valsecchi
21/02/13 6.15pm Picture Gallery RHUL CPSP Annual Lecture:
What is the future of the NHS?

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Professor Mark Exworthy
Professor of Health Policy and Management (RHUL) and CPSP Director
13/02/13 12 noon   Research Seminar:
Managing professionals by making performance more transparent
Prof. Mark Exworthy and Prof. Jon Gabe (Centre for Criminology and Sociology)
08/11/12 6pm WinAud (RHUL) Public roundtable: Whose NHS? Citizens and public service reform

Free, no need to book
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Chair: Dr Olli Heath (RHUL)

Speakers include:
Professor Julian Le Grant (LSE; former health adviser to Prime Minsiter Blair) Candice Imison (King's Fund) Andrew Liles (Chief Executive, Ashford and St Peters NHS Foundation Trust) Roy Lilley (independent commentator on NHS) & Prof Mark Exworthy (RHUL)
09/03/11 12.30pm   Research Seminar:NGO accountability mechanisms as a means of knowledge sharing Dr Gloria Agyemang, School of Management, RHUL
17/11/10 1pm WOL351 CPSO Seminar:
"Lean in Public Services: Panacea or Paradox?"
Abstract & bio PDF document
Slides Powerpoint | Audio (MP3)
Dr Zoe Radnor,
Associate Professor, Warwick Business School
04/11/10 6pm Windsor Building (AUD) CPSO Annual Lecture:
"The search for global health in the 21st century"
Abstract & further details | Slides Powerpoint
Lord Nigel Crisp (former CEO of the NHS, and Permanent Secretary at the Dept. of Health)
20/05/10 5.30pm - 7pm MBLT Leadership Forum:
“Challenges for the NHS after the election”

(Refreshments to follow)
Nigel Edwards, Director of Policy, NHS Confederation

(To book a place or receive further information about this Forum, please contact Laura Law)
27/04/10 4-6pm Central London Performance Management:
How do we measure performance? How do we develop and use quality indicators and quality systems in health care systems? Have targets improved performance in the English NHS?

(Followed by a drinks reception)
Chair: Peter Smith, Imperial

Speakers: Gwyn Bevan, LSE
Niek Klazinga, Uni. of Amsterdam
Chris Ham, King's Fund
Mark Exworthy, RHUL

If you would like to attend this session, or any other seminars in this series (see link below) please email

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03/03/10 12.30 WIN0-03 CPSO Seminar: "Universities under New Labour - senior leaders' responses to government reforms and policy levers - findings from an ESRC project on public service leadership" Abstract | Slides Powerpoint Prof Rosemary Deem, Dean of History and Social Sciences and Professor of Higher Education Management, RHUL
15/12/09   Central London ILMH Conference:
"Diversity in health-care organisations"
03/12/09 5.30 - 7pm Kingston Business School (room 327) ILMH Leadership Forum:
"Clinical Leadership"
Institute of Leadership and Management in Health (ILMH)
The ILMH Leadership Forum is an informal network of NHS leaders which hosts occasional events, discussing key topics in health management and policy.
Joan Mager (Chief Executive NHS Richmond) &
Nick Hulme
(Chief Executive Mayday Healthcare NHS Trust) Event poster PDF document
18/11/09 1pm ABG003 CPSO Seminar: "Privacy management and patient information flow in the Extended Choice Network: a sociological exploration of the professional-technological interface" Abstract Dr Iain Crinson, Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Health and Health Policy, St George's Medical School, London. Event poster PDF document
23/06/09 All day Dorich House, Kingston Vale SWan ILHM & IPI workshop: "Equality and Diversity in the Management and Professional Practice of Heath and Social Care" Dr Christina Butler (KU), Professor Ravinder Barn (RHUL) &
Dr Eleni Hatzidimitriadou (KU/SGUL). Event poster PDF document
14/05/09 5.30pm St Peter's Hospital, Chertsey The Institute for Leadership and Management in Health (ILMH) Forum: "Learning lessons from outside the NHS. What can the NHS learn from other public services?" Ms Aileen McLeish (Chair, Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust) &
Mr Mike Gretton (Chair, Winchester and Estleigh NHS Trust). Event poster PDF document
18/03/09 6pm MLT CPSO Annual Lecture: "The performance of public services: how much does the public really want to know?"
Further details | Video Windows Media Player
David Walker, Managing Director of Communications and Public reporting at the Audit Commission
05/02/09 6pm Kingston Hospital The Institute for Leadership and Management in Health (ILMH) Forum : "Leadership – making the transition"
Video of speakers:
Gail Wannell | Fiona Wise Windows Media Player
Ms Fiona Wise, Chief Executive, North West London Hospitals Trust &
Ms Gail Wannell, Chief Executive, Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust
28/01/09 12.30 - 2pm MX01 CPSO seminar: “Managing human resources in the UK public sector” Abstract | Video Windows Media Player Prof. Katie Truss, Head of Department, Leadership, HRM and Organisation, Director, Kingston Business School, Employee Engagement Consortium
15/01/09 5-7pm MX01 CPSO seminar: "Evidence-based professionalism: operational measures and occupational honour" Video Windows Media Player Dr Charles Bosk, Professor of Sociology, University of Pennsylvania, USA
26/11/08 12.30pm MX01 CPSO seminar: “Jurisdictional change and nursing’s professionalization: liberating nurses or losing the plot?”
Abstract | Video Windows Media Player | Slides Power Point
Dr Carole Doherty, Lecturer in Health Care Management, University of Surrey
21/05/08 12.30pm IN244 CPSO seminar: "Managing medical performance"
Abstract Word document | Slides Power Point
Dr Mark Exworthy, Royal Holloway, University of London
07/05/08 1pm MX01 CPSO seminar: "Guerrilla-mode organization field dynamics: a theory elaboration"
Abstract & profile | Video Windows Media Player
Prof. Martin Kitchener, Cardiff Business School
15/04/08 5.30pm SGUL, Tooting The Institute for Leadership and Management in Health (ILMH): Inaugural meeting of the Leadership Forum

"The Future of Clinical Leadership in the NHS" About the Leadership Forum
Mrs Julie Dent, (Former Chief Executive, South-West London Strategic Health Authority)
05/03/08 1pm MX01 CPSO seminar: "Risk management and regulatory agencies: demonstrating performance as a dimension of public organisations" Abstract Dr David Demortain, London School of Economics and Political Science
13/02/08 1pm MX01 CPSO seminar: "Moving Towards the Market Again: The Challenges of Supply Side Reform in Recent English Healthcare Policy" Abstract | Video Windows Media Player Dr Pauline Allen, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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