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Royal Holloway’s own Olympic and Paralympic contributions

Royal HollowayRoyal Holloway was an Olympic Village and is privileged to count Olympians and Paralympians among its alumni. We even have a permanent gold postbox on campus, thanks to Triple Gold Paralympian and alumna, Sophie Christiansen.

» Olympic and Paralympian alumni and students
» Sophie Christiansen wins Triple Gold

Also staff and students have been involved in the Olympic and Paralympic movements in many other ways:

» London 2012 Satellite Village
» London gallery showcases academic's Olympic-inspired exhibit
» Women and the ancient Greek Olympics
» Our alumni share memories of the Austerity Games
» Professor of English to represent GB in Olympic poetry festival
» Cycling: Going for Gold
» The Olympic Games: Sport, Culture, Politics
» Glimpsing into the mind of an athlete

Shaun McCarthy OBE, Chair of the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 from 2006 to 2013, gave Royal Holloway's 2013 Annual Sustainability Lecture. This event was also used to launch an archived copy of the Commission's website, hosted at RHUL:

» The Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 website

Related publications

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A number of teaching programmes at RHUL relate to sport, sustainability and the Olympics.

Seminar in Windsor Building

PG Certificate in Sport Management
BSc Management with Sustainability
MSc Sustainability and Management 
MSc/PGDip Practising Sustainable Development
MSc Environmental Diagnosis and Management