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Humboldt conference and doctoral workshop

The 5th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility was held at Humboldt University, Berlin, on 4-6th October 2012, with over 500 participants. CRIS’s Dr Stephanos Anastasiadis organised and chaired one of the parallel sessions, held on Friday 5th October: “Responsible Lobbying” brought together a panel of practitioners, with a brief introduction into the current state of research on the subject. The session was well-attended and we had a lively discussion.

On 3rd October, Stephanos served as a member of the scientific committee at the Doctoral Workshop, preceding the CSR conference. He provided feedback to numerous doctoral students on their work, together with several other CSR scholars. The photograph of scientific committee members was taken in the foyer of the Bertelsmann Foundation, which hosted the workshop.


Photo left to right: Anna-Maria Schneider (Humboldt University); R. Edward Freeman (University of Virginia); Sandra Waddock (Boston College); Archie Carroll (University of Georgia); Gregory Jackson (Free University of Berlin); Sarah Jastram (Humboldt University); Joachim Schwalbach (Humboldt University); Stephanos Anastasiadis (Royal Holloway, University of London)


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