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2011 Annual Sustainability Lecture

Lord May and Professor Paul Layzell

Photo: Lord May (left) with Professor Paul Layzell

The second RHUL Annual Sustainability Lecture, jointly organized by CRIS and the School of Biological Sciences, was held on Monday 31st January. Professor Lord May of Oxford gave a talk entitled 'Best of times, worst of times: hard choices for tomorrow’s world' to a packed audience in the Windsor Auditorium.

Introduced by the Principal Professor Paul Layzell, Lord May outlined how population growth, increasing demand for food energy and water will provide both governments and individuals with challenging decisions in the future. He also commented on the accelerating rate of extinction of both animals and plants as well as how increasing urbanisation affects the evolution of infectious diseases.

Dr Laura J. Spence, Director of CRIS, commented:

"Lord May's lecture, the second in our Annual Sustainability Lecture Series, was exceptional. We were delighted to see such a wide range of people in the audience, staff, alumni and students from every faculty, as well as many external visitors. The Lecture underlined the importance of keeping a clear mind about the sustainability issues we challenge, understanding the scientific evidence available to us and taking a balanced approach to using that evidence wisely."


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