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Best-practices in CSR activities in education

A new research project aims at identifying and promoting best-practices in CSR activities to foster education. The edValue study will offer insights and suggestions for companies to make their engagement in education more effective and valuable for society.

Many companies realize that the quality of public education has a significant influence on their operation and potential for future growth.

“Companies want to contribute to better education, but their efforts do not always yield the expected impact.”
Dr Robert Fischer

Dr Robert Fischer, together with Dr David Bevan (Deputy Director of CRIS), will study a number of education-related CSR activities in Brazil, where such activities have a noticeable influence on the public education sector.

The researchers want to know what values CSR activities in education create for the different stakeholders, including the company. They also try to gain a better understanding on what determines the success or limits the impact of such initiatives. To this end, edValue aims at identifying different models of CSR activities in education along with their particular strengths and weaknesses. These models may then serve as a toolbox for companies that want to align new projects in education with a specific CSR strategy.


Dr David Bevan (staff profile)


edValue creating value by fostering education