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CRIS Members Leading the Way on Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Journal of Corporate GovernanceThree members of the Centre for Research into Sustainability – David Bevan, Lutz-Preuss and Jose-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachon – contributed to a special issue on corporate responsibility and sustainability of the Journal of Corporate Governance. Dr Bevan was also a co-editor for the special issue.

Articles by CRIS Members

Context, complexity and connectedness: dimensions of globalization revealed
David Bevan, Matthew Gitsham
"The main problem we identify or re-emphasize here – the focus of our methodological denaturalization – is not that managers do not perceive complexity. Indeed it is clear that they are experiencing and expressing the complexity vociferously. The big issue identified is the overwhelming scale of the knowledge gap. While managers can richly and extensively recite and elaborate the risks and emergent problems they face, they have very little idea about how to resolve them. The problem is that they do not see the implications and extent of inter-connectedness – and this is a limitation of education and management learning. So (where) has education and learning gone wrong?"

A knowledge management perspective of corporate social responsibility
Lutz Preuss, Jose-Rodrigo Córdoba-Pachon


» Journal of Corporate Governance (Special Issue: Corporate responsibility and sustainability: leadership and organizational change)
Vol 9 Issue 4
Author(s): Gilbert Lenssen, Shaun Tyson, Simon Pickard, David Bevan