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CRIS research seminar

"Individual approaches to reconciling logics: a corporate CSR case study"

Dr Krista Bondy
Centre for Business, Organisations and Society, University of Bath

Dr Krista Bondy, Professor Laura Spence and members of CRISPhoto: Dr Krista Bondy (centre) with members of CRIS


This paper contributes to key debates within CSR and institutional theory literature by demonstrating that organisational interpretations of CSR are significantly influenced by how individuals reconcile the competing logics of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the conventional business model (CBM); and the use of the dominant CBM logic as a source of power. Using CSR, institutional theory and power literature to frame longitudinal case data, this research identifies three individual reconciliation approaches: invalidate, separate and assimilate; it explores how these approaches influence the form of CSR within an organisation; and demonstrates the significance of network strength and public support of the CBM in influencing the overall organisational approach to CSR. It therefore contributes to debates within the CSR literature about why CSR is often perceived as superficial or decoupled from daily activity by revealing the existence of reconciliation strategies and the implications each have for CSR. It also contributes to debates within the CSR and institutional theory literature about the role political processes play in organisational responses to institutional complexity by identifying logics themselves as a significant source of power in influencing organisational members.

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Wednesday 26th February 2014
1-3pm MBS008

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