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Process of Engagement

Process of engagement diagram

After initial contact, we establish a dialogue to jointly assess with you an appropriate level of engagement that best suits your and our circumstances.


We suggest a basic level of engagement to share with you our available knowledge base on sustainability, with activities like:

  1. Our teaching on the MSc in Sustainability and Management / MBA International Management with Sustainability.
  2. Supporting student dissertation projects on the above courses.
  3. Guest lectures on sustainability assessments, business ethics, green small business management and others topics, delivered by CRIS and or you.
  4. Sustainability Annual Lecture participation
  5. Short (half-day) generic courses on accounting for sustainability, sustainability and systems thinking, corporate social responsibility and business ethics.


A tailored level of engagement would provide you with applied research knowledge to be delivered in short training (on-site) courses and specific (problem-driven) projects. The cost of this investment will be defined in conjunction with Royal Holloway’s Research and Enterprise Office and will consider the time of our researchers (one or two researchers) on-site and offsite preparation (to conduct particular research previously agreed with you).

Long-term Engagement

For long-term engagement we refer to an in-depth collaboration by you and a team of researchers from CRIS with adequate funding to sustain it. Academic and practical outputs are produced. As part of the engagement we also promote mutual exchanges, for instance you contributing to teaching programmes and CRIS members contributing to your activities.


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