School of Management
Royal Holloway University of London

The Centre for Research into Sustainability

Engaging Stakeholders Online

A cross sectional study of electronic stakeholder engagement initiatives in the UK FTSE100 companies.

Project Description

The research investigates and critically analyses electronic stakeholder engagement and dialogue initiatives employed by the constituents of the FTSE100 index. The study exposes the centrality of stakeholder dialogue to widespread corporate accountability initiatives, by throwing light to the extent to which the FTSE100 companies are using the communicative capabilities of the Internet to develop innovative stakeholder engagement initiatives and thereby improve the potential effectiveness of their stakeholder dialogue on social, environmental, and ethical issues

Expected Outcomes

Deeper understanding of the actual practice of electronic stakeholder engagement.


Stakeholder engagement and dialogue initiatives activated via the World Wide Web by the constituents of the FTSE100 index are compared and investigated with respect to the potential they offer to interaction, and democratic debate. To achieve such goal, a content analysis was used and applied to the corporate web sites of the 100 companies.


Leonardo Rinaldi (School of Management, Royal Holloway, University of London)

Jeffrey Unerman (Manchester Business School)