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Friends of the Hellenic Institute Newsletter: December 2003

Dear Friend of the Hellenic Institute,

Here are some of the highlights of the Institute's activities over the past year. Some you will know about and may have taken part in, others may come as news to you …

February: Socrates Visitor
Dr Constantine Belezos, head of the Theological School in Athens, was an academic visitor to the Institute under the Socrates Programme. Later in the year, another visitor from the Theological School, Dimitrios Panagiotopoulos, arrived to conduct his doctoral research on St John Chrysostom's interpretation of St Paul's teachings on the salvation of Jews and Gentiles, during the present academic year (2003-4).

Other academic visitors during the year included Professor Costas Constantinides of Ioannina University and Dr Evangelia Georgitsoyanni of the Harkopian University in Athens.

May: Presentation of the Porphyrogenita
An honorary volume, entitled Porphyrogenita, was presented to the Director of the Hellenic Institute, Julian Chrysostomides, at a Ceremony at King's College London. Edited by Charalambos Dendrinos, Jonathan Harris, Eirene Harvalia-Crook and Judith Herrin, the volume consists of thirty-four articles by fellow scholars, colleagues and former students.

In her address, Professor Herrin paid tribute to Miss Chrysostomides' remarkable achievement both as a distinguished scholar and a dedicated and inspiring teacher. In reply, Miss Chrysostomides emphasized the important role Royal Holloway played in establishing Byzantine Studies in the University of London, under the guidance of Professor Joan Hussey. This tradition continues to flourish, providing the present generation of students with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the Byzantine legacy to European civilization.

May: Hellenic Institute Lecture
Professor John Barron gave the third Hellenic Institute lecture at Royal Holloway on 'Westward Christian Soldier: St George before the Crusades', and traced how an obscure Greek from Asia Minor came to be one of the most popular military saints in Christendom.

May: Remembering the Fall
2003 saw the 550th Anniversary of the fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Turks (29 May 1453). A number of conferences were held to mark this event. Two Friends of the Hellenic Institute, Jonathan Harris and Christopher Young, attended conferences in Nuremberg and Granada. Next year is the 800th anniversary of the sack of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade …

September: Award of Studentships
The Nikolaos Oikonomides one-year fees-only studentship was awarded to Dawn Thomas who has enrolled MPhil/PhD research on Galen's dietetics under the supervision of Peregrine Horden. This studentship is funded solely by donations from the Friends of the Hellenic Institute.

Eugenia Russell received the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomaios I Studentship for her MPhil/PhD research into the Byzantine Hymnographical Tradition of St. Demetrius, supervised by Julian Chrysostomides and Charalambos Dendrinos. This studentship was established by the Orthodox Cultural Association of Athens, thanks to a generous donation by Mrs Angeliki Frangos in memory of her late mother Stela N. Frangos. It is named in honour of the current patriarch of Constantinople.

A number of awards were made from the George of Cyprus fund, financed by the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture, as follows:

Stella Chrysochoou, MPhil/PhD, The Manuscript Tradition of Claudius Ptolemaeus 'Geographike Hyphegesis' in the Palaeologan Period and the Renaissance (13th-15th Century) (Supervisors: J. Chrysostomides, and Charalambos Dendrinos): £600

Stavroula Kiritsi, MPhil/PhD, Characters in Menander's Comedies (Supervisor: Nick Lowe): £500

Fevronia Nousia, MPhil/PhD, Byzantine Textbooks of the Palaeologan Period (Supervisors: J. Chrysostomides and Charalambos Dendrinos): £200

Dmitri Tolstoy-Miloslavsky, MPhil/PhD, The Italian Policy of Manuel I Comnenus, 1143-1180 (Supervisor: Jonathan Harris): £300

October: New Research Fellow
Thanks to grants from the Greek Ministry of Culture and from Royal Holloway's History Department, a six-month post-doctoral Research Fellowship in Post-Byzantine Studies has been established. The Fellowship was advertised worldwide and Dr Lia Chisacof, a member of the Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences, was appointed to the post. Apart from her own research project on the eighteenth-century Greek playwright Zacharias Karandinos, Dr Chisacof will be organizing a series of seminar meetings on Post-Byzantine Studies next term. For details, click here.

October: Congratulations!
To Eleni Rossidou-Koutsou whose PhD thesis on 'John Eugenikos' Antirrhetic of the Act of Union of the Churches at the Council of Ferrara-Florence' has now been accepted by the University of London. And to Liz Potter who has won the University of London's George Grote essay prize in Ancient History.

October: Cyprus Lectures
A series of lectures on the History and Culture of Cyprus, sponsored by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus and jointly organised by the Institute and The Hellenic Centre in London, were held during the autumn, to celebrate the accession of Cyprus to the European Union.

Nine distinguished scholars of Cypriot origin or attached to the University of Cyprus gave lectures which covered almost the whole period of Cypriot history from the prehistoric period, through antiquity, to the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine eras. The last lecture brought the story up to the present day. For details of the lectures, click here.

The lectures will be all published in a special volume. The Institute is greatly indebted to Dr Maria Kalli and Mrs Agathi Kalisperas for their hard work in organising and administering the lectures.

Throughout the year: Institute staff members have been hard at work on a number of collaborative research projects. Rosalind Thomas is involved with the Landmark Herodotus, a new accessible translation with maps to be published in the USA. She is also one of directors of the Workshops on Literature and Performance at the School of Oriental and African Studies which look at a range of literatures heard in performance, including ancient Greek, from a comparative standpoint. Julian Chrysostomides and Charalambos Dendrinos continue their preparation of the Lexicon of the Abbreviations and Ligatures in Greek Minuscule Hands, c.800-c.1600.


A number of publications by Institute staff have appeared since the last newsletter. Here are some of them:

Julian Chrysostomides, 'Symbiosis in the Peloponnese in the aftermath of the Fourth Crusade', in Byzantium. State and Society: Studies in Memory of Nikolaos Oikonomides (eds.), A. Avramea, A. Laiou and E. Chrysos (Athens: Institute for Byzantine Research), pp. 155-67

Charalambos Dendrinos, Jonathan Harris, Eirene Harvalia-Crook and Judith Herrin (eds.), Porphyrogenita: Essays on the History and Literature of Byzantium and the Latin East in Honour of Julian Chrysostomides (Aldershot: Ashgate)

Rosalind Thomas, 'Performance and written literature in Classical Greece: envisaging performance from written literature and comparative contexts', Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 66 (2003).

Rosalind Thomas, 'Prose performance texts: epideixis and written publication in the late fifth and early fourth centuries', in Written Texts and the Rise of Literate Culture in Ancient Greece, ed. Harvey Yunis (Cambridge University Press, 2003)

Jonathan Harris, Byzantium and the Crusades (London: Hambledon/London Books).

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