Student Work on Old English at Royal Holloway

Ben Robson: Wulf and Eadwacer

Bayeux Tapestry animal
EN1001, Introduction to Medieval Literature, 2000)
Commended for the Times Stephen Spender Prize for Poetry Translation
As though,
My friends,
The sport begun
 Ungelic is us
My love undone
 Ungelic is us min Wulf
We are torn apart, separated--
Islands barricaded by fern
You, sacred isle
 Ungelic is us
Over many a mile
 Ungelic is us min Wulf
Then the rain drenched my heart, poor wretch--
My thoughts on you O Wulf, my Wulf!
His arms
Resting on my shoulder
 Ungelic is us
Brave and 
My comforter
 Ungelic is us min Wulf
My pain was eased, yet redoubled--
Do you hear my call, Edwacer?
Our wretched
Child, borne
by wolf to woods
 Ungelic is us
Man may
Tear our
Unjoinèd songs
Yes my Wulf--  
Ungelic is us.

© Ben Robson 2000  

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