Old English at Royal Holloway
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On-Line Readings

Norton Anthology of English Literature (scroll to the bottom of the page; includes Cædmon’s Hymn, Battle of Brunanburh, Dream of the Rood, Battle of Maldon, The Wanderer, The Seafarer, and Deor ready by R. D. Fulk and The Wife’s Lament read by Mary Blockley)

Selections from Beowulf (read by Peter Baker)

Anglo-Saxon Aloud (lots of Old English, including all Old English poetry, read aloud by Michael Drout)

The Battle of Maldon (Byrhtnoth's speech, read by Richard Dance at University of Cambridge)

The Battle of Maldon (Byrhtwold's speech, read by Richard Dance at University of Cambridge)

On-Line Dictionaries

Bosworth-Toller (still the main scholarly dictionary for words starting with letters after 'g')

Old English Translator (type in a word in Old English or modern English and get a translation into the other)

On-Line Exercises

Old English Aerobics (online exercises at University of Virginia)

The Spoken Word: Grammar Exercises (at the Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic, University of Cambridge)

The New Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (read the news in Old English)


Adjectives  Conjunctions   Nouns  Prepositions  Preterite-Present Verbs   Pronouns  Strong Verbs  Weak Verbs

King Alfred's Grammar Book

Old English at the University of Calgary

(information about the Old English Language, including verb conjugations)

Help with Translating

Vocab List 1   Vocab List 2   Vocab List 3   Vocab List 4  Vocab List 5

Flash Cards 1 (1500 words, from York University, Toronto)

Flash Cards 2 (1500 words in 10th century script, from York University, Toronto)

Modern English to Old English Vocabulary (by Bill Schipper)

Core Vocabulary (from Christine Rauer at St Andrew's University; test yourself on this list here)

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